More linda progress!

regular black zentai suit or something different for the undersuit?

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Hey guys! Sorry that I have been MIA for awhile. Life. Anyways I have recently been working on my Linda again and I am 80-90% done with making my thigh armor pieces and I have finished making my forearm pieces! Very exciting. I have learned lots from everyone on this forum and thank you for all the tips; I can feel my armor making and foam smithing improving with each build. I know they're not professional, but I am proud of myself. This is a big armor build for me and I feel as if I am doing my best and that people will be happy with it.

This time I have some of the forearms (please mind that the one with a lot of kwik seal was the first going to remake to fix all the gaps and seams) and I have the unfinished thigh pieces. I missing a portion of the thigh but do have it to a perfect fit! Hopefully it should be done soon and I can post more pictures of the finished pieces soon!

I know I am posting in segments but soon I am getting my undersuit and should be able to actually post a picture of most of everything on. I was thinking of just going for a black zentai suit for the undersuit. I made a post about needing a Linda helmet because I feel as if it is too complex for my skill level at this time. If anyone knows anything please feel free to message. Again I am very excited for this build and thank you again for everyone for the support! If anyone has any more tips feel more than free to leave them.




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You could always modify the Zentai under-suit. Add bit of foam to it for detail, and such.......Plan to do that myself for my Argus build.


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Wait a minute...

Kelly... is actually linda? :lol:

Looking good! I think a handmade undersuit always looks best, but whatever works works...
haha! I know! I wanted to do Kelly because I am Kelly and she was always my favorites since the books wayyyy back when but we already had a Kelly and needed a Linda so I am doing Linda first. Maybe after this I can do a Kelly, too!