More Spartans Confirmed in Halo 3! OXM UK

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The Chief is not to be messed with, and neither are the other spartan super soldiers in the game. Halo 3 marks the first appearance of the class of bionic warrior outside the Halo novels. We often thought Master chief might be the last one left, but we saw plenty of new ones in halo 3, Some look very similar but there infact different configurations of the Mjolnir battle armour, You will be able to customize your appearance in multiplayer, but in Campaign mode you will see the armour being worn by AI controlled Spartans.

I'll post scans if I'm allowed.
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Adam said:
post or I'm flagging as BOLOGNA
Flag as BOLOGNA.

I found it posted on the Bungie.Net Forums, apparently they are photoshopped. Adfsdf
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The UK version of the OXM might have different information than we're getting 'cause Halo has such a huge chunk of its fan base in the USA..... They're trying to pump the press.
WiskeyFoxtrot said:
o i heard in order to get the other spartan armors u must unlock them

Yeah, I heard that too. Something about having to complete the Campaign once on Normal.
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i just listened to the podcast on

you have to unlock the diff armor types. but it doesnt say anything about how...

Yes there are other armors, but unless they draft a new generation of Spartans, I don't think we'll see other Spartans in the game.

I think OXM is confusing different armors with different characters.

Show me a Campaign screenshot with two Spartans side by side and I'll ...maybe consider it then.

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