Morita... Help make a dream a reality

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recon ace8773

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I am currently trying to figure out how the hell to make a pepakura file. I have the free down load and need some help. I have a huge number of refference photos and actual designs, can someone help me turn them into pepakura files so i can build my dream weapon?
sorry to burst your bubble but i think you cant make files with the free download. you can only view downloaded files. to make a file you need "pepakura designer". to download this you need to register. this costs $38. heres a link

good luck, have fun, and merry christmas
Umm have you tried making it in google sketchup? another free program, and then loading it into desighner and unfolding, cleanup, resize then printing? altho witt the free version of desighner you have to do it all without shutting the programm as you are not allowed to save with the free version.
I look forward to seeing your dream weapon! :D
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