Mortal Kombat anyone?


anyone interested with mortal kombat or street fighter or any of the awesome retro fighting games, such as DOA, Tekken, KOF, Fatal Fury, Soul Calibur, etc.??

Spartan 270

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I still have my old mortal kombat game for the super nintendo. LOL. I wonder how much it'll be worth in like 20 years. o_O

Sean Bradley

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I played Mortal Kombat 1-3 competitively through college, won alot of tournaments in my area.

When I got out of college I bought my own Mortal Kombat II arcade machine, which I still have. I don't play it much, and will probably be selling it sometime soon.

Yep... I was a MK nut before I discovered Halo.. That and Tekken..


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anyone interested.. [in] .. any of the awesome retro fighting games
Hell yes! Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits in Japan) is the best 2d fighter ever made, I have 1,2 3, and 4 emulated on my PC
NEO-GEO ftw! As soon as I find an old one floating around I'm going to buy a NeoGeo machine for my studio, I used to have 2 street fighter arcade machines (world warrior and hyper fighting) They are so cheap these days.
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dang...i played mk2 since i was 3...
thats when the genesis version came out. that was also when the ESRB rating came out as well. LOLZ, mortal kombat too violent...i agree, but its educational violence, cuz i learned how to do liu kang's flying kick