Mostly metal Halo CE Marine build (First Halo build from a new member)


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Hello long time lurker, first time poster.

I've been coming here intermediately for the last two or so years. Recently I decided to start a build and figured I'd join. I'm doing the original Marine armor from Halo CE but am going to do most of the armor pieces from metal, a friend of mine is a welder/fabricator and we've build a ton of stuff in the past so we're gonna take a stab at this. I saw a great thread here with various 360 reference pictures along with some great links and ideas for it.

Anyway I'm starting off easy by tackling all the soft parts while we research what gauge of metal to get. I've already ordered some BDUs and am going to be getting the patrol cap and boonie cap to alternate with the helmet. The first issue I'm running into is the emblem seen on the patrol cap. It looks like the UNSC logo but it has a gold band with some kind of writing, does anyone know what it says or have a high def/definitive picture of it? I've looked at the Anniversary edition but the emblem is completely changed.

Halo_Sergeant_Johnson 1.jpg


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it is always interesting to see armor made from metal. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and good luck!


i can't read that, after doing something scan pictures.

well sorry ican't help, but, good luck with your metal armor.

my brother wanna to see that too


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Not sure on what it says either, on another picture from google images looks like maybe RANK I but im not totally sure, but in all the other photos of Johnson his hat just has the standard U.N.S.C. Marines logo, so i think you could go without the leters since they seems to only show up in CE and in none of the other games
you could also go with S SGT (Staff Sergeant) or SGT MAJ (Sergeant Major) that was Johnson's ranks during the halo games
or you could pick a rank thats used in the USMC to put there


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Thanks for the guesses, I think I'm gonna go the route of the UNSC logo with the gold banner saying UNSC.


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Those are some good pics it does look like Rank 1 or something along the lines of that. I'll look into The Pillar of Autumn and anything related to the ship to see if it relates to it. In the meantime does anyone know of a place or someone who makes UNSC patches? I've so far only been able to locate Spirit of Fire patches.