Mountain Regiment Objectives

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Hello! I have been up and down through the forums, and there are a lot of good things going on, but nothing seems to be close. Anyone out there in the Ogden area active? I'd like to get together and set up a build party. Help each other out, help with scaling, techniques, that sort of thing. I want to start a suit in foam, and I'd like ot repair and remake parts for my old ODST. Any takers?

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Whelp, Guess, not.

Anyway, I'll just sit here and type to myself. Gonna hafta get some activities going in the mountain region if I don't want it to be mind-numbingly BORING!! So let's set some priorities....

Priority #1: Finish the regimental costume. Since I am apparently the only one forumly active, it is pretty well taken for granted that I'll need a costume. Goal: Have it done by halloween.

#2 Find an RXO to watch the facebook side of things, and coordinate with the forum.

#3: Have photos taken to help with that project that Pernicious wanted to talk about.

#4: Spread that awesomeness around until it gets old.

#5: Set ideas in stone about Regiment fan table for cons and stuff.

#6: Finalize the script for Beta Delphi fan film.

#7: Find all the video and sound editors in the area to help with 'Project Nighthawk', the story of Beta Delphi fan film.

#8: Make said fan film

#9: Post that thing on youtube and get a bazillion views.

#10: Attend conventions and events in such a way that people will remember the 405th as a crazy fun, welcoming, and inspiring group. Preferably with merchandise of some description. Or at least business cards.

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Welp, been a week, and even though no one has posted here, I still feel that being accountable is the only way to be successful. So here goes:

1: Finished a lot of the chest, nearly completed except painting. Finished foam construction of the left bicep.

2: No one active enough to become RXO. :(

3: Need a suit and a buddy for the pictures; will ask ol' Matt Wilburn if he'd be interested in at least that part, since he declined the forum invitation.

4: RXO will be key in getting word out and around about the project, especially on facebook. 4 should probably be a sub point for point 3.

5: Unable to attend FANX due to prior engagement. Have an Idea of fan table, though. It would be a blast shield thingy with a statue or empty suit of the chief behind it, crouching.

6: Script is 33% done. It is divided into 3 "Episodes", and the second one is complete. May need a little refining, though.

7: No active members or friends that can do video editing or things like that. Might try asking my cousin, since he does that for a living.

8: Hahahahahahahaha

9: Also Hahahahahahaha

10: Working on getting things set up for events, unable to manage so much all at once and still afford a mortgage. Will keep working, though.

Alright, good meeting. Keep up the good work! We'll reconvene next Wednesday, if possible.


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On the social media side, Sean Anwalt, just give me a poke if you need help or support. That's part of why I'm here. Message me on Facebook, if you need to.

Also, I can (theoretically) help out with at least looking over footage, if you need the support as well. Keep in mind that I don't have much experience editing things. :p

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Meeting for this week has been rescheduled to today. I have an appointment tomorrow than cannot be missed, so here we go.
Follow up on objectives:

1: Costume is coming along nicely. Biceps need to be touched up before painting, torso needs detail paint, blackwash, and possibly to be redone in the future, now that I know what I'm doing. Belt is underway, hopefully not too small.

2: Still no luck with the RXO... If someone from the facebook group decides to become active on the forum, they will automatically become my candidate.

3: This really depends a lot on #1 being completed, but the script for this project has been submitted. As soon as Pernicious has time to review it, we'll do some editing.

4: Depends on 3. Can't really showcase a project until it's completed, but links on facebook to the project will be how this is ultimately done.

5: Fan table. This I DO have more progress on, but will have to add the picture later today. Ok, here's the basic idea:


6: Part 1 script for Beta Delphi project is underway, but extremely boring. Needs to be rewritten altogether. Part 2 is done for the rough draft, and part 3 is in progress, probably half way with the rough draft. Going to be stupid difficult to do, but dang will it be awesome when it's completed.

7: arma358, probably use you to review the final stages of the project, thanks for helping out. Still need to find video and audio editors. Not something one can do with just basic video skills on windows.

8: Making the film will require a lot of parts. Will need:
Script, actors, props, set, editors, producers, director (me), food stuffs and at least 2, preferably 3 elite costumes and multiple grunt costumes. Oy vey!

9: Once film has been produced, publish it to the forum. Links on facebook and other social media by my (then very happy and competent) RXO, and possibly a teaser trailer on youtube with a 405th link in the description, depends how that goes.

10: Unable to attend FanX this year, due to prior engagement. Will need to figure something out in the way of conventions. Do have a contact at the treehouse museum that does super hero shows and other things of that nature that include cosplayers... I'll ask about a Halo themed event and see what we can do.

Alright, there is some pretty good progress going on here. The most important of these priorities would actually be #2, get a good executive officer. After that, the costume would be next most important, since several other priorities are indirectly dependent on that.

Will need to start scouting locations for the pernicious project, as well. Going to need a second spartan, as well, and a good camera man.

K, next meeting will be next week on Wednesday, unless I decide to meet earlier or later than that. Hahaha
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Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Week number next. On Tuesday.

Following up with the priorities list, there have been a few changes.

1: Costume is coming along still. No major progress to report, yet. Got a lot to do before we can legitimately say we're ready to do. But the belt is (hopefully) looking more promising.

2: RXO - Still working on that. Trying to get to the facebooks. Am going to make that a priority this week.

3 and 4: Postponed until further notice.

NEW #3: Idea and 1/12 scale table mock up complete.

Need to figure out final shape for the shield cover thing. I intend to reproduce the one from Halo: Reach. Because that's the game I currently still have. A quickly constructed MK VI suit with a PVC pipe frame should work perfectly for the Spartan taking cover. Maybe have the chief's "Original helmet FROM Halo CE" in the display case, complete with authentic battle damage!!! hahaha Actually, that's a really fun idea, I think I'll try to do that.

I want to have pamphlets documenting what the 405th is, the idea about the organization, and some basic pepakura or foam skills along with safety equipment so people can see it's not that hard to get started. Been toying with the idea of having a basic med/repair station at the 405th fan table so cospalyers at events can come get a quick "Meatball surgery" touch up if something basic goes wrong. Depends, we'll see.

4: Forwarded the script for part 3 of 3 to a friend for creative writing critique. Still rewriting part 1 of 3, and part 2 of 3, my personal favorite, is done. Needs to be touched up and cleaned up a bit, but is printed out and sitting at home.

5: I can do some basic video editing, but even with the resources available widely on the internet, I am going to need more help for the fan film that I currently have.

6: Will be reassessed when it becomes more feasible.

7: This is going to tie in to #2, since it will necessitate social media and more people to spread the word. Further updates for this priority will follow an RXO being appointed.

8: Up to this point the treehouse museum is a bust, but will possible have more information in the future. Still seeking events and opportunities to 405th it up!

So I'm going to go find an executive officer. That will help tons! Further updates and events will be posted here until the mountain regiment becomes more active.


Not that it's much of a help, but your not posting to yourself. As a member of the mountain regiment, I do check this out, infrequently. But as I live in the middle of nowhere, doing a group build or work on the regiment booth aren't things I can do. But I'll lend moral support and cheering.


Well, I guess we can call #2 finished.

I have to work on #1 myself. I have a nearly fully pepped Republic Commando, and I'm working on a Halo Wars Spartan. Pepping the helmet now, but it's slow going, since I'm adding cardboard ribs and reinforcement, to keep it from warping. Hopefully, I'll get some pics taken and put up by the end of the week.

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Sounds pretty legit. Slow going is good, means you'll get real good results. Can't wait to see how it goes!

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Ok, reassessing the objectives this week, and have got some great news!

1- Costumes: Still in progress, but have finished the belt and working on the arms. Geijin has his update in the post above.

2- RXO: geijin is RXO now, mission accomplished! :D This bumps #3 to #2 from today forward. He will be in charge of facebook and social media stuff, respond to questions or events on there, and link the facebook page to the forum. Thanks a ton, Geijin!

3- Fan table: Still finalizing some ideas, will get a final detail idea out with more specifics. Hope to have that in the next little while. This is pretty much the biggest and most achievable goal in the near future, and hope by 2019 to have a fan table in operation.

4- Fan film: This is filming of the fan film. This is a long-term goal that sets a goal for the regiment. Ultimately this will provide a source of pride and unity in the regiment, a chance to show off costumes, skills, and occasional acting ability (XD), and an opportunity for people involved in the regiment that have skills in video / sound editing and design to add to their resume or what have you. Should also be fun, is not designed to be stressful.

The fan film I have in mind is a three-part event. scripts for parts two and three are complete and being proof-read by a friend of mine before I post it on the forum for all to see. As soon as it becomes feasible, I would like some constructive criticism and so forth, but that won't be until after the script is completed and posted.

5- Plan for executing the fan film: I have set this goal separate from #4 in order to break down the work load and make it easier to organize and accomplish. This goal accounts for collecting resources necessary for the fan film, but does not include any production, filming, or setting up for the actual event. geijin can help with the production side of things, but we are going to need some serious man-power beyond what just he and I can do.

6- Conventions and events: FanX is coming to Salt Lake on Sept. 6-8th. I will be in Oregon at that time and unable to attend. I fear that especially with this short notice, there is no way the 405th will have a fan table at FanX 2018. However, other events are in the future, and we should all be mindful to keep our eyes open to expand the regiment.

Super excited to have an RXO and am looking forward to getting the plans for the fan table up soon.

I think that covered everything. If I missed anything, be sure to mention it and we'll get this ball rolling!

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Once again, it's time to update. Wasn't able to get on formally last week, work was a little out of whack. But here goes:

1- Costumes: I have started painting the thighs for my Mk V, and am about to finish the belt so I can begin strapping things together. Super excited.

Geijin's build is looking good, as well. Going the tried and true fiberglass way, and if all goes well, it's going to be EPIC!

2- Fan Table: I have not given this hardly any thought recently. Been busy with real life stuff, and it got pushed to the side, unfortunately.

3- Fan film filming: This portion, obviously, comes after the preparation and things, but I think it would be good to get some input on location and other things. I understand in the long run this will probably mean travel for several people, and I'm willing to try to accommodate that, just need to figure out how and where. And when, lol.

4- Fan film resources: What little I know of filming tells me we will need:
1) Video: Cameras, lighting, and computer graphics people. (Aiming high with the film, and can't seem to be talked out of those scenes that require some CG. :( )
2) Sound: The LAST thing I envision is some lousy recording on a cell phone or camcorder with crappy sound. We will need microphone(s) and sound editing equipment.
3) Props: should do the trick. hahaha Might try to get a little funding to purchase some things, but if not, we can make what we need. Just have to make sure it is top quality.
4) People: I imagine there are enough people out there that would like to help out by being a body in this silly little project. If we want to go big, the actual script itself calls for roughly 22 people counting "extras", but we can work with fewer than that if needed. I have a cousin that does some editing stuff, but haven't talked to him about my project yet. Need to find the right time and place, haha.
5) Motivation: BIG one. I intend to go through with this project. Attempted to do so some years ago with the help of another forum member, but things petered out and didn't happen, unfortunately. I hope this time, by planning extensively, to get things done.
6) Script: Part 1 of 3 is in the rough draft stage. Part 2 of 3 is done, being revised. Part 3 of 3 is also done, being revised. As soon as things are done being revised, I hope to go over it with Geijin and any other Mountain regiment members and get their approval so we can figure out how to overcome the hurdles.

I would love to see this come to fruition. I am very passionate about this project. Hoping for the best.

5) Conventions: Officially, the treehouse museum is a no-go. I spoke to my friend who is on staff there, and he has decided it is not a halo-cosplay atmosphere, unless we make it to "Comic book day", at which time they would be happy to have us. That day will be some time late 2019, since we just missed this year's.

Captain Schitts


On the list for #4 Fan Film Resources, my thoughts are a bit more detailed.
1) Cameras - Cellphones do a seriously good job of video, especially some of them that are being marketed that way. A lot of video is filmed on cellphones. Of more importance then, is mounting, i.e. steady-cam rigs. That is going to be more important than any camera. If it's not steady, it doesn't matter how good the camera is.
2) Lighting - a decent photographers lighting kit will do just about everything that is going to be needed, at least until filming locations and shot lists are set up, that might require more/added features.
3) Graphics - before even getting to the CGI, I would add a "green screen", the color being determined the background, actors and props. And that doesn't mean a green sheet, but a decent screen with the right reflective properties to not screw up the lighting.
4) Microphones - Will need many. As well as the recording devices. Boom rigs, omni-mics and directional mics will all probably be required. And if your doing dialog, small wireless mics that can be stashed on the actors.
5) Clap board - Anyone that wants to edit sound/video without a clap board of some kind is either insane or masochistic. As for editing software, most of it can be done in either Final Cut or Premiere, including most of the sound editing, with the exception of sfx sounds.
6) Sound Effects - This is a whole big deal. Darth Vador's breathing was created partially by using a mic in a scuba rig. Chewbacca's roar was a mix of I think a bear, a lion, and maybe a dog, to get it right. Sound effects have to be good, or no matter what the video quality is, it's still going to feel cheap.

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Hello Mountain! Glad to be back! Just took myself a ten day vacation, I'm sorry for the absence. Hopefully I didn't miss anything too important.

Since it's been this long, I feel it is important to update our objectives, and I am hoping to get input from the mighty geijin to help establish more goals. So, any ideas, Geijin, jump right in! (And anyone else in Mountain that has a good idea!)

1 Costumes: My costume is coming along nicely, but with my 10 day hiatus obviously, It hasn't made much progress. Working on the shoes at the moment, then the shins and then re-constructing the torso.

2 Fan Table: This has been put on pause on my end as well. Gonna need money and stuff to build it, but fortunately, with the exception of that crazy blast shield thing, it should be a simple build.

EDIT: screenshots of the blast shield:
20180919_070114.jpg 20180919_070146.jpg 20180919_070549.jpg 20180919_070745.jpg 20180919_070718.jpg shouldn't be super difficult. I hope.

3 Fan Film Filming: I often wonder why I put this one before the actual preparation for the shoot, but whatever. I have made no progress here, either. Obviously. Haha

4 Fan Film Resources: Here, I have something. Taking what Geijin said, we will need steady-cam rigs, lighting kit of some description, and some sort of green screen setup. With the amount of green I imagine in uniforms and armor, I would be more inclined to suggest a blue screen where possible, but we'll figure that out when the time comes. We will also need microphones. I'm wondering for scenes like those in part one of the script (ATTACHED BELOW!!! XD) if we can get away with one mic that is shared? What do you guys think? Otherwise we'd need something in the neighborhood of 10-15 of the suckers. Clap board and other sound equipment and SFX. I agree with my knowledgeable RXO that if the sound is crappy, the whole project will fall apart. I have always hated the lousy sound quality of most homemade films, and don't want this to be anything like that. Let's try to do this really well, huh?
And, finally, THE SCRIPT! It is finished being written and basic editing. Now we are at the point that I brandish it before the public in the regiment (and thanks to the new regiment section updates on the forum, the whole world!) and throw it at the mercy of those who (hopefully) know better than me. I would ask that it not be used by anyone for any purpose just yet. This is my baby that has been on my mind something in the neighborhood of 8 years, so leave it as is, and let me do any actual editing. That being said, please comment, critique, and offer opinion of the thing. I hope it stands up to scrutiny... If I can figure out this stupid computer, it will be attached below.

5 Conventions: I would like to say: Ugh. But I guess it's technically my job to be on the lookout for cons and stuff, so I'll get back to you all when I hear of something coming up. Anyone attend FanX in SLC This last week? How did that go?

K guys, let's get this Mountain Regiment on the road!!! haha

NOTE: Script posted below is the third edit with better formatting and dialogue edits.


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I wish i lived in a less remote region and had a decent job enough to really help out. I would love to help with a fan film project as i am a theatre techie and am part of the I.A.T.S.E. and have done lots of stage things (acting, lighting, sound editing and recording, video editing, filming ((used to work as a photog at the news station))) If it can wait a bit maybe ill have more time and money and a suit to help but not currently. Ill try and at least be more active on the forum but no guarantees as life has a way of kicking my butt.

As for the blast shield you could easily do it out of thick hard foam and then layer it with a hardening agent and then paint. You could even interlink it with either pins/dowels or strong magnets to assemble it for easy travel.

I also have a brother who is working on making a company that sells sound fx. Im working with him now on the early stages of his setup but ill see if theres anything something like the film project could use and maybe donate for a name drop of the company or something like that.

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
I think we could work something out as far as name dropping. The actual filming of this project isn't even scheduled yet; it's a long term project to give us something to shoot for. Locations and all that haven't even been scouted out, either. So time we've got, haha.

I just got some screenshots of the blast shield, and am hoping to get blue prints made up here in the next week. I'll post the screenshots in an edit of my above post.

Good to have you on board, man. Good luck!


Yeah, time isn't an issue. And I have the same problem Shadowshail, I live in a really remote area, so don't worry to much. Just having someone else on the regiment forum is a good place to start.

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Just having someone else on the regiment forum is a good place to start.
It was reeeaaal lonely on here for a few months until Geijin took the RXO job.

We can totally operate from remote distances, I'm not worried about that. Mostly I'd like to see more mountain regiment involvement and stuff from more and more people, but what we have here is a few people just starting out, so it's like we're all starting together, which is kinda a fun idea.
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It was reeeaaal lonely on here for a few months until Geijin took the RXO job.

We can totally operate from remote distances, I'm not worried about that. Mostly I'd like to see more mountain regiment involvement and stuff from more and more people, but what we have here is a few people just starting out, so it's like we're all starting together, which is kinda a fun idea.
Worst case scenario we drag you out to Calgary or you drag some of us South. Regiments are cool and all but are definitely not an impenetrable bubble shield.

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Ok Mountain, here we go again. Been good to have input from Shadowshail and Geijin. Makes me feel like we can really achieve some great things! Lets go over the objective list again. If you (mountaineers) have anything you'd like to add, lemme know and we'll get it added.

1 Costume: Got me shoes done, mostly. Have a lot to do still, but the thing is mostly wearable. I know Geiijn's was coming along nicely as well, last I saw he was up to his eyeballs in fiberglass. Too bad work gets in the way, you know? We'd both probably be done by now!

2 Fan Table: Got the idea, Found some space around my place to store the silly thing. I think I'm running out of excuses to actually build it. But construction has not started yet. Goal is to have it finished by Feb. 2019.

3 Fan film filming: I've had a thought that the interior of the pelican bay could be constructed in a semi-truck trailer. Filming inside while driving it around at slow speeds would give us the shaky ride we'd need. Other than that, this is still on the back burner.

4 Fan film planning: Got the first rough draft of the script up a couple posts above this one. I have since edited it slightly, and will try to get the new edit up, but mostly the formatting is the only thing changed. Maybe a tiny bit of dialogue. I've been thinking if we had things donated and our sound people wanted a shout out, we could easily enough work the company name into the script, I think that's a great idea.

5 Conventions: I have listed several cons in a different thread:


I intend to at least make the ones in Ogden and try real hard for the Logan one. Not a lot of 405th active in Northern Utah, I know, but this'll help light a fire under their bums!!! ...jk

6 Canada: It has come to my attention that TurboCharizard from Canada has threatened to kidnap our members and drag them to the frigid north. New objective # next is to defend our warmth and not let him kidnap anyone. We'll followup next week with progress. IF anyone manages to kidnap Turbo and drag him here, they get free brownies, courtesy of me.

Till next week sometime.