Mounting Heavy pieces?


I've got a few heavy pieces of molded foam parts, most specifically the thighs, that I need some way to keep up on my thighs, and not sliding down making it hard to walk. I find myself continually pulling them back up. How do you guys secure your pieces to your body, so they don't slide and move around so much? Also, how do you think I can repair the parts of the thighs that were thin on foam and ended up getting small rips/tears in them? What types of foams are there for molded foam pieces? I can do some research to find out which one was used, I just need a few names to help shorten my search.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate any help!


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Straps and buckles.
I'd rather recommend the nylon straps, not the elastic ones as they'll extend with weight and pull your parts down.

As for repair, perhaps a piece of foam glued with hot glue on the inside? So, it is reinforces inside, yet nothing to see on the outside.