Mrk V Helmet Complete


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Hello all. This is my first time posting. I have been hanging around for a while, and I got so caught up in finishing my suit that I forgot to post pictures along the way. I have decided to post up my finished helmet. It is made of smooth cast 300 and was a pain in my butt to get finished.I started with the card stock helmet, I don't remember what file I used due to my computer going kaput on me. I got the first model all finished, and then made casts of it. It was my first time ever casting anything, and I must say, it came out pretty good for being such a complicated process. I got all of the painting finished today. I used a Scorpion Exo helmet gold visor. I also used the inner lining form my own Scoprion Exo helmet for the padding, which formed to the inside of the helmet perfectly. If anybody has any other questions on what I did or used, feel free to ask. Thanks.


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robbysheldon said:
Cool helmet, I've been considering smoothcast for awhile. Do you have any other armor finished?(PS: it's a Mark VI ;) )

agree, it looks awesome for a mark VI :p

nice helmet, keep it up!

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