Mroreo123's Armor Scaling And Measurement Tool

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Quoting the very first post in the thread (added empahsis is mine) :

... To use it, load up any full body picture of the Chief (or Iron Man, or get the picture) where he is standing FULLY UPRIGHT and NOT in an action pose. ...Make sure you can see him from head to toe without having to scroll the screen up and down. ...


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i just wanted to say that i cant download the program but i like the idea behind it and i was wondering if you could send me a copy of the program to my email at if not i understand but thanks for coming up with this program


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Hey this program is awesome! The only thing is im having trouble finding a reference picture for an odst. If someody could help that would be great. And possibly a clone from star wars

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this tool didn't work for me, after i put in my height it will say you didn't put the numbers 1,2, or 3 try again and i don't know what it means by that, plz help


this is exactly what i was looking for... i was gonna just go for it with the builds cause i'm almost 6'3" and figured the scale would just work itself out over my height, but with this i'll get an even better fit. thanks so much for creating the prog... :D


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Sorry to bump an older thread but I have what i think is a valid question :) I'm working on an HEV suit costume, and from what i've seen the problem with most of the ones i've seen online is scaling. Your program would be of great use to me but the only decent reference pictures i can find of the HEV suit are of JUST the suit, not with gordon in it. now, i can probably load up garys mod and take some screenshots. but that means setting up my desktop and a lot of other trouble. my question is how would i go about measuring based off a character with no head :confused


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That's Brilliant, I was at a loss about how to get my helmet that was half the size of my head to actually fit, but now I know how!
Thanks for this, I'm sure it will help many more than just me!


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working on a custom reach character that i made for my online play, i made the helmet which...hopefully once fiber glassed and padded will fit ok, but i dont feel like putting in 8 hours again on it..though i guess to pain no game huh.
just been dreading the chest piece as is a reach HD chest..we shall see how this turns out



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Im having trouble with the program it wont go to the third step of get off my computer screen, it just keeps coming back on when you close it out. Can you help me?


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So.... Is this for using on a Master Chief image only?

it only uses the scale to parts of armor on the boday
eg. forearm length, helmet height /width, torso height/width etc.
for halo armors its a good reference, for something like iron man or shephard it would work the same with a similar body/armor scale like it shows master cheif
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