MSTAR DESIGNS (concept requests here)

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Seth Knight

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====M * DESIGNS====

M * Designs or known as M STAR DESIGNS is now accepting concept/character design requests.

What I do:

Concept Art (rough character and scene creations)
Character Design (for costumes, films, comics, and video games)
Unfold pepakura models

What I don't do:
Create peppable 3D models*
Build costumes or Props for sale**

Due to personal reasons, MStar's 3d modeller has resigned, I am sorry to say that all past discussed commissions are now going to be cancelled :( I hope you can find the model you need/were interested in.

** I am not financially able at the moment (or have the time) to begin commissions for fully made costumes, if things change and there is demands for it I will change this stance

Technical Terms:
Character Design: Overview character aspects,

My tools of trade are literal, I don't use photoshop or anything, so what you get is done with pencil, pen, and or marker, will this change in the future is to be determined, I just don't have the money at the moment.

Please let me know if any of you want original, different takes on a pre-existing costume design, or if you want "themed" costume design, for example a halo Ironman concept or something of that nature, or if you are requesting a 3d model/pepakura model.

If I get backlogged with orders (it could happen) you might have to wait, but it won't take long for me to get to you.

The waiting list will be posted below with members name and then with a customer review, which I hope is 100 % I aim to please, and will do what it takes to come up with something you are happy about

Now after reading this you probably need to take a nap, but there's only just a little more left.

What I will need for an original character design will be:

Build (rough, approximates not required, just tall short, heavy, lean, the usual)
Background (what type of life he lives)
What sort of armor or costume the character would have in your opinion

As well as any what-have-you. Pictures 'like' what you would like your character/costume to look like would also be helpful.

All services will take time to fulfill, but we at M STAR strive to be quick and give you something that you want.

-Seth_Knight_of_New_Wales/The Armorer
Waiting Lists

Concept/Character Art:
01 foxleader

3 Models (by Rhinoc)
01 RPF* cabra comander

Customers served:

RPF* cabra commander
Hi, I was wondering if you could do a piece of concept art fo a book I'm working on. I can PM you the details if you've started taking requests yet. Thanks!
Yeah, I'm taking requests, if you want to discuss it privately it's fine. I'll be on for a little while longer.

I hope you arn't stopping trying to learn 3d. It's worth the effort, it really is :)

Maybe one day, for now I have enough to make a normal person insane, luckily enough for me, I'm unconventional :p . Maybe sometime in the future, just not now.

I already tried to do something about this - the MODs said they were "aware of it - and working on it."

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Oh boy, does this SUCK... should have done this -before- I named this project/group mstar designs, but... well let's just say a quick google search came up with over a dozen hits... for other mstar designs, among them being graphic design co's, music groups, and utter dismay on my part....

So, I have a question (yeah, brilliant idea to ask a costuming forum this), but is there anything legally stopping me from (in the future) getting a business license as M Star Designs -if- there is already companies/groups with the name? I need a lawyer.... :p :(

i dont knows, but i've seen groups with the same name and it looks like they didn't get hit by anything i think.
I guess before I go big time (I hope ;) ) I may change the name (maybe), but we'll see where this goes. Also updated waiting list.

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