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You did a good job with the camera.. I gotta be honest the first half or so seemed kinda pointless.. and the osprey rescue pilot was lucky in halo crashing a flyng vehicle into a cliff several times causes little to no damage... all in all though, it looked very professionally done, probably could of used more plot/action earlier on, like I said the first half made me wonder if you were just giving us a tour around the maps or if there was something more. Camera angles were very nice though! You should think about doing a short with some dialogue, think you'd be good at it.
camera angles were great! But for a song like that you need a bit more action.
What did you use to film it (TV card in your PC?)
yeah i wasnt to sure about the beginnning i mean at first i had this story for it but.Some parts that made the story happen didnt work so yeah.Lol yes i keep laughing at my friend becuase of his horrid hornet driving skills.WE and my friend have been wanting to do some shorts with dialog. To be honest i would rather use some elses voice. I do have quite a few scripts though.Incase anyone ever need an idea for a movie.

i used a tv tuner.
Or more commonly known as a capture card.

*everybody else
thanks :)
sounds like you could do some good stuff, keep making and practicing! Maybe you could find a voice warper if you wanted. Digital Ph33r has an annoying voice imo, but he voices all the characters in his series apart from arby n chief and somehow makes it work.
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