My armor, from Slyfo's models. (Update, more pics in last post.)

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thanks again slyfo.








looks good, only one thing i noticed, the brim looks like its being pulled too far up, its not too much, but the 6th picture down shows it the most.
Those look really good! I'm going to give that set a shot after i make the other armor. Less folds and such. I would have made that armor first, but i don't have much time to work on it and any time i can shave off the build time the better.
Same PEP, Helm by Spase



Printed and inked Saturday, Cut and Built Sunday, Resin Today, Fiber Tomorrow, Bondo and Sanding Thursday and Friday... Paint Saturday + Sunday

One random thing to note... I ended up with two complete Visors, not sure how that happened.... weird lol
Did you get something funny with the visor? ive got two layers on mine which im sort of assembling slowly atm... ( at the moment im on the crown, which looks a bit mishapen, but i hope/suppose it will shape up...)
I actually ended up with two visors, one of which did not attach to the model anywhere, I think the edge numbers were all in the 500's, so I didn't bother putting it together or attaching any of the pieces to the Pep...
haha yeah... i dont know what to do with the second visor. it almost clips on to the helmet though. i won't be using it.

spase, i see yo have the same problem. your brim gets like pulled down so the bottom isn't flat.
i don't know how to fix this...
Its hard to describe, but if you but I fixed mine by cutting a piece of card board to shape, then inserting it inside to helm and taping it to the top and sides to pull the Brim forward a little bit, as it comes forward it flattens the bottom and looks fine. When I resin it tonight, I should be able to pull the card board insert after it cures so I can fiberglass the inside without it getting in the way.
oooh, i see. i might just pull the top and bottom of the inside together (the brim part) and hold them together with tape while i resin the outside. it should hold shape after resining..
thanks. i hope to have them resined next week.. painted and done at least 1 week before halloween.

im just so busy with school and all.
Got a bit of inspiration last night...

I actual used two pieces of thread hot glued to the under side of the Brim and then glued to the visor from. Resined after that and it came out flat... I will upload pics later today...
Ive made 2 of the halo 2 pep helms but i havn't resined them yet. should i just make this helm and resin that or should i just finish the other 2

You can see the string in this picture, I used it to pull the Brim down while the resin setup on the outside.

I will be finished fiberglassing my helm today and moving on to final detail before paint. Should be done by Sunday. All said, the Helm, arguably the most recognizable part of the cheif, should be detailed and as accurate as you are able to make. Your armor also should, imo, reflect the quality of the rest of your work.

Do what is most comfortable to you. Correct me if I am wrong but The H2 Helm and H3 Helm are the same helm, both MK VI, just the game quality detail used in the H2 and H3 pep is slightly different. The Helm is roughly the same outer shape as far as I can tell also. So if you allready have 2 helms, start with what you've got, move forward. Add the details to the outer shell once glassed. If it's not what you expected, then you will have gained build experience along the way, and your next version will be that much better.

EDIT: I look like a nerdy advertisement for Sprint and Treo.... what a goon....
the 3d model quality of the halo 2 mark iv helmet is lower than the one from halo 3 cuz they're able to add more polygonal structures and all that crap to an xbox 360 game.

or that's what i think.

also, how did your head fit into your helmet? lol just curious.

i am probably going to have to dremel off the whole bottom (the parts that go inwards toward ur neck) and just pad it.

either that or make the jaw piece hinged... but i dont really want to.

ahh the visor is so expensive...
My head only fit because I pushed the front and back together, distorting the neck hole in the helm... now that its glassed up, I can't even get it to my ears... lol... but I have it marked where I will cut it and you wont notice unless you are looking at the bottom of my helm that there is a little bit missing.... I'll post pictures tonight...
How did you get a piece of string attached to the armor strong enough to pull without coming off?

I did my first coat of resin last night, thinking that I'd be able to tape the brim down with the second coat... after it cured over night I dont think I can pull it down as easily. I'm going to try just using some scotch tape on the visor brim and pulling it down, then just resin all over, even over the scotch tape. Cut the scotch tape when i'm done and sand it away.
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