my armor progress

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okay i know ive been mean before but i assure you i wont cuss on the fourms anymore but anyways i wanna tell you peoples how i am doing on my pepakura armor so far its going good so far and ill keep you updated on my progress

every thing i need printed out except smg

went to my grand pas got fiber glass and rsin and got plasma pistol from jasman toys from amazon

pics of my helm before fiberglassing got fiber glass/ resin

new progress i made more but only this shows




I recall before you mentioned you are 12 years old, and knowing 12 year olds or actually younger people, they dont wear respirators. Buy a respirator and save your own life.

But either way, not bad.


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I wouldnt use tape, it shows in the end even after painting, very uneven, most tapes will dissolve in resin also.

like 405 said, get a respirator, it is expensive, but isnt as expensive as a trip to the doctor, then finding out you need some sort of lung surgery from the fumes.
its electrical tape and ive heard it can stand up to the resining process and i already have a resperator and so does my grand pa so we should be safe


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A respirator is for working with resin, it has toxic fumes which can harm you, if you work OUTSIDE, and wear a cheap medical mask, you should be fine, but work INSIDE, you do need a respirator.


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so i can wear like a little blue cup type thing over my mouth outside? I used them when i had to evacuate for the fires out in california.
damasterchief said:
its electrical tape and ive heard it can stand up to the resining process and i already have a resperator and so does my grand pa so we should be safe
True as that may be, it still showss through and gives you an un-even look. But if you aren't going for real detailed armor, i guess don't worry about it.
Just wear a respirator.

Be safe

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yea okay plus i plan on sanding it so would that smooth it i just got fiber glass the other day with resin so when i go home im goign 2 fiber glass some of it and it is sooo sweet i got a jasman toy plasma pistol i love it its really cheap on amazon but it rules


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yes the electrical tape will not dissolve in the resin but the resin doesnt seem to harden on the tape.... cuz my first armor i tried to make whilst i was being more a lurker (i didnt want to mess with glue) i used only electrical tape and the thing is the spots UNDER the tape weren't resined and the resin wouldnt harden on the tape for some reason so i had to try and peel it off >.< that didn't go to well.... and the respirator is a good idea that stuff also (along with its toxicness) stinks pretty bad =/ but normally i work outside with fans and stuffs lol
Progress looks good, keep it up,
but i would take all of our advice, stay away from the tape, it's gonna make your life hard.
AoBFrost gave a fantastic example of why, and it came from the voice of experience.
But your progress is good non the less so keep it up!


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Another thing you could do is paper mache your armor like i did on my Mandalorian armor.It turned out great.1 thing is i made my armor out of poster board somaybe glue poster board on the back for strength? I dunno just spit ballin :p
ill try doing papermace on a bad shin guard it was way to big didnt know how to scale then and i hade to trim it to fit me (sorry for the lack of pictures i haad to reboot familys comp and havent downloaded the camera soft wear so ill have pics soon
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