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My combat elite build attempt...

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Joffersmk2, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Joffersmk2



    I'm new to this so bear with me. Just finished an odst build for comic con manchester and decided to up my game and go for an elite for next year.

    Started off with some files from the archive and played around with them.

    Then started the foam build

    Got my kid to help out as a head model.

    Then added a face from freehand pattern guessing.
    Once this was done, I started to grind details into the foam with a dremil tool and the pink grindy tools. (Told you I was new to this)
    Built up the detail and then added false nails cut with scissors for top teeth.

    For the mandible teeth I needed more cone shaped teeth so asked a mate and he came up with heat formed eva which seems to have come out well.
    Then added a helmet to the back and played with some netting to hide my face.
    That's it so far. Hopefully get some more on soon.
  2. PaiganBoi


    Welcome to the 405th! Unfortunately your photos are not working.
  3. Joffersmk2


    Hmmmmm. ...how about now?
  4. PaiganBoi


    Helmet looks sweet.
    How is your vision? I couldn't see any eye holes or the like.
  5. neilbobcann

    neilbobcann New Member

    I can see them! No advice at the moment though I'm afraid
  6. Joffersmk2


    Through the mouth and past jaw. Bit restricted but the mesh is see through.
  7. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    That is super cool! Looking forward to the rest of the suit!
  8. Joffersmk2


    Right. Been away for a while bit getting back on it now.

    I've started the chestpiece now.
    Sizing this seriously taxed my scaling ability on pepakura (which was low to begin with. Every time i seemed to get one bit the right size. The rest would be too big. I've gone for a happy medium hoping I can widen some parts and shrink others to accommodate my body!

    Added to the chest piece

    And this is the whole progress so far

    Back of the torso next!
    Wish me luck!
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  9. PaiganBoi


    I feel you pain with scaling ability. Mine is terrible as well.
    Looking good!
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  10. Dirtdives


    ummmmm 8 times to build my helmet and I still had someone else make it......we're all on the same boat i guess. Welcome to the UNSC Agony.
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  11. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Joffersmk2, you're nailing the silhouette right now which is fantastic, are you considering adding in LED strips or diffused lighting to the chest to get the various indicators and highlights that elites have on their armour?
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  12. Joffersmk2


    Honestly I haven't given that much thought yet. I'd love to but my knowledge in that area is limited to say the least.

    I need to look at some more game picks to see where to put them.

    I was considering putting a sound board in and speakers with elite sound effects 'wort! wort! wort!'
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  13. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    I've used this sound board with these triggers before in a previous costume. It doesn't break the bank and is small enough to tuck into most suits of armour. It has a 3.5mm jack that can be run to a voice amplifier or small portable speaker. No Bluetooth or wireless onboard sadly.
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  14. Joffersmk2


    Does it need programming knowledge (of which I have none)?

    I can solder and have a working knowledge of simple practical electronics, but no experience at converting audio files etc.

    The more I think about it, the more I want lights now....you've sparked an interest now....;)
  15. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Required programming knowledge for this kit is zero. All you have to do is name audio files correctly on the microSD to match them to the expected on board logic. The connections on the one linked are screw tight so you don't even need to solder anything. Dead easy, works like a charm.

    If you did want to tinker around with it you can do a bit of programming by connecting the board to your PC by USB but that's only if you want to get fancy and use some different triggering hardware.
  16. Joffersmk2


    So been working on the back plate today. For the spine part, the pepakura file was very angular and segmented.

    I didn't fancy all the gluing it would take and I figure, the angles are all attempts at a curved surface anyway. So I alteed the template and stuck bits together so I could just heat form the foam.

    The middle bit came out well. I am concerned that the smoothness of this part might clash with the overall angular effect of the rest of the chest piece though but we'll see.

    I added on the winglike sides to the spine which should allow me to work up and down from there.

    I'm a bit concerned about the arm holes though. By looking at what I've built so far and the rest of the model I might not be able to lower my arms much below horizontal....hmmmmm. I might need to doctor the underarm section to give a better range of movement.

    I'm pretty sure I'll need to keep the front and back separate as there's no way this is going to go over my shoulders when assembled. The question is, should I build the thing whole, then cut it in half, or do I create a much more complex fastening system to hold it together along the umpteen seams that will exist if I just keep it in two halves....thoughts? Experience? Any random ideas...?
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  17. PaiganBoi


    My suggest, If you plan on keeping it in two parts, use straps with quick release buckles or snaps hidden in the inside of the armour. Then to help hide and visible seems or gaps use some thinner foam to cover those areas.
  18. Joffersmk2


    Yeah I've seen that approach and it works well. My problem is the pepakura model don't have a clean break at the shoulders or under armpit area. The pieces of foam overlap in a zig zag jigsaw style all the way up and into the neck part. Just not sure if I'd be able to make it all neatly mesh together without hideous gaps.

    The other idea would be to clean slice through the completed chestpiece so at least it'd marry up, then use the same clip idea with embedded magnets to seal it up tight. But that's a massive risk...what if it properly stuffs it up!? Argh!

    "Joffers to limbo...paging doctor joffers..."
  19. PaiganBoi


    If that's the case with crazy zigzags then, making the chest and back one whole piece and then splitting in half to get that smooth line would be your best option.
    Here's a YouTube video I found of some one who used a combo of velcro and magnets to connect their chest piece.

  20. Joffersmk2


    Tell you what, that looked pretty secure on the video...hmmmmm could I make overlaps under the joins....velcro n magnets you say....
  21. Joffersmk2


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  22. PaiganBoi


    Good to hear to that your problems with seams are not as bad as you originally thought. The back plate is looking good. The seams are pretty clean so, you have minimal gap filling.
  23. Joffersmk2


    Okay. So in the biggest turn around since Theresa May's Brexit opinion, I have decided to join the front and back plates together.

    But only at the top. This allows me to put it on then hopefully click it into position under my arms with magnets.

    Here's the full build so far.
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  24. Joffersmk2


  25. Joffersmk2


    Right, that was the longest christmas break ever, but back to it now.

    I was having major sizing panic and couldn't get the shoulders to look right with paper, and I wasnt gonna waste a couple of foam sheets just trial and error. My mate came round with armoursmith software on his laptop and we sorted the sizing for the whole of the rest of the build. So back at it!

    All marked out for the shoulders,

    Shoulders built

    Overall look (being held in place by the disembodied hand of my son haha.)

    Now all I need to do is work out how to attach them. On me, they're not really shoulder pouldrons, more like upper arm covers. I might need to mount them directly to the chest armour rather than my arm. I did this with my odst
    But the chest of the elite extends further out over my shoulder than this. Hmmm. There's always some puzzle to solve.
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