My Dremel Story

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I went to Harbor Freight to day to get a Dremel, and got a generic one for $27. When I checked out, they messed up and charged me $7! :rofl:

Is 16,250 RPM enough?
$7 rotary tool= pwnage

If you're gentle with it, it should do everything you want. Did it come with a collet set or chuck? You'll definitly need one of the two.
Yeah, it has a 4 piece collet set.
And, I agree, pwned.
:bendover: ....:gun5:
^Harbor Freight ^Me

I sanded some of my helm with it. It works pretty good. The only thing is, when I push too hard on the helmet, it stops spinning. Is that good or bad?
If the motor cuts out, that means it has an interrupt switch in it so that the motor doesn't burn out. I'm not sure Dremmel does that....

If it doesn't, you might not have the speed setting right.

Muhahahah! You are now banned!

Nah, jk just press the X button on the double post to erase it...
dremels rock!! I was using one to build a killer robot and the ref made us dremel all the corners down so we don't poke out someone's eye!! :eek
Silverzippo93 said:
Is 16,250 RPM enough?

Thats quite enough. AAt those speeds it's kinda dangerous. IS the rotary tool you bought multiple speed? I find that lower speeds are better sometimes because you can control it much easier.

Beware the un-reinforced cutoff wheels... they fly apart. Use only Dremel brand reinforced cut-off wheels.
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I don't know how those cutoff wheels are considered safe enough to sell. I've known people who've had their throats slit open by cutting wheels flying apart at 16000 RPM's.

*grabs throat and runs to the phone*

Man oh man, I cannot live without my dremel, I use it practically every day.

Please, please, wears glasses, working gloves if needed.

Get a variable speed, sometimes its too fast and other too slow.

I have used other brand of rotary tools, and nothing beats the Multi-Pro with a flex-shaft, until you have used that, you dont know what you are missing LOL

My two rules in my shop...preparation is king, safety is the savior!

The better you prep your project for the next step, the better it will turn out. The better you protect yourself, the safer you are!

safety glasses... check
dremel............. check
dusk mask........ check
throat protector...........
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