My fantasy Halo armor


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Can anyone tell me a good site to create this halo reach armor:
Helmet:EVA UA/HUL3
Eva [C]
Left shoulder: Commando
Right shoulder: Security
Chest: Assault/Sapper
Assault/Sapper [R]
Wrist: Tactical/Tacpad
Utility: Tactical/Soft case
Visor color: Blue
Knees: Grenadier
Primary color: Steel
Secondary color: Rust

Weapons of choice: Spartan Lazer, Energy Sword

I even made some Lore behind this customization.
James Nevada was third born from a broken family with a drunken dad and a hooker mom. His dad beat him and his mom stole from him constantly. His oldest sibling, Destiny, was killed in a car accident before he was born when she was being transported to a foster home with the second sibling, David, after authorities took them away from the hostile conditions they were living in. When David was 18 he convinced James to attempt to join the UNSC as a pilot at age 15. He was discovered as an under aged pilot 2 weeks after training. The UNSC dismissed him until he was 18 years old, however James didn't want to go back to the home. He escaped the holding and got recruited into Project Freelancer as agent Nevada. After tons of raids James snuck off to retrieve a piece he read about during his training as a UNSC pilot. Holding Halsey at gunpoint, she calmly said, "I know why you're here. Take this, destroy it when you're done. So it doesn't fall into the wrong hands." James took it and between raids while his armor was away, the director had someone tamper with it. Affecting the lockup mechanism when you fall for too long. After the final raid James copied Alpha and destroyed the key. He then fled to Reach, killing dozens of soldiers and 3 freelancers, Georgia got shoved into deep space, California was killed in pursuit on Harmony, and Rhode Island was accidentally shot with the cannon on the Mother of Invention. James lost Carolina and the search team and broke off the tracker and tossed it to Harmony where the other freelancers took out a comm tower then stole two freighters from Drydock for parts to complete and maintain the Mother of Invention. The loss was unacceptable and Nevada, California, and Rhode Island were replaced. James then headed to Reach where he crashed and crushed his right arm due to the jetpack malfunction and Lockdown Protocol being offline. He was discovered by one of Halsey's search teams and rushed into the lab where he got his prosthetic arm. Halsey created a fake file for him rather than giving his criminal record to Noble. Isaac Howard was the fake name. He was then used to replace noble 6. After Reach he fought off the Elites at Titan's End (Lone Wolf) and survived with a broken visor, malfunctioning right arm, and tons of other injuries. Since then he has wandered the almost uninhabitable lands of Reach. He found a surfaced temple where the "Great Key of Reach" lay. The Field Marshall who turned on the Covanent after they abandoned her fleet on Reach, yes HER deal with it, claimed the key just before Spec-Ops elites took her out for Heresy. James claimed the key and avenged his fallen "ally". He found a maintenance facility and used it to fix his visor. He eventually went kind of nutty, carving a friend in his helmet. He talks to it too, claiming it's the ghost of Emile. After the UNSC reclaimed Reach, they found James. The UNSC offered to take him off to "reconstruction" but James declined. A year or so later the Covanent Holy City Mercy entered orbit as a bunch of Flood pods destroyed UNSC supply ships docked on Lockport(A map I made on Reach, find it on DaNegativeOne's file share) the Flood killed most of the soldiers. James sent a distress beacon and the Reds and Blues responded. He lazers the pelican killing 479er (she reunioned with Carolina and Washington(David) between seasons) in total he fires twice. James needs something from Mercy, the Reds and Blues board it scaring him and he follows to help them out. "Even I barely survive passing through that hellhole!" They get the piece, causing the ship to malfunction. Roaring to reach, Mercy is James' grave. His named Flood, Ross (Tank class) rips his arm off. And stabs him through the shoulder. There's a hole in the ship where the Reds and Blues are, and on the other side, is James. They see him get killed and casted to Reach. Then Mercy hits a mountain, kind of like the Mother of Invention did when it crashed on... Sidewinder? Mercy hits the mountain tossing the Reds and Blues out of the ship, they hit the mountain and they slide down it, killing Flood everywhere. Carolina sees James crash at Titan's End and takes a Falcon. She sees James dying as she cries for his name. He hands her the sword and the storage unit the Alpha copy was in, "Take care of him." James dies, the sword activates to Carolina and the Reds and Blues recover her, and leave the body to Reach.

Oh by the way if you're wondering how Church was still alive, he was Shut down in the storage unit. He only activated a few short months before the beacon was sent and was never really used until recently.


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Oh, by the way the reason I posted that long of a lore was to mainly explain the OR parts on the armor, such as OR, EVA[C] because his UA piece broke and the radio got torn out too. The Tactical/UGPS because the systems are broken, Assault/Sapper because he Crushed his arm on reach, colors, mainly dirt and grime build up. Oh! By the way, James went blind between claiming the key and sending the distress call.


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Can anyone tell me a good site to create this halo reach armor:
Are you looking to build a suit, buy for a commissioned suit or just a method of rendering the image of the armour?

Vanity is a great tool for visualizing what your armour permutations in Reach will look like.

If you're looking at building your armour The Armory has all the files you need tucked away neatly under the Halo Reach section. For the base you need the Mk V files and from there you add on and swap out variants. The Accessories pack are where you'll find most of your U/A options and things like the Tactical Pad.

Commissioning a very specific build such as this might be possible but some of your parts are less commonly seen out in the wild so builders are probably few and far between which means you might have to look for the help of multiple people. Just a bit of a help on this though, creating a "Want to Buy" thread in the Marketplace will help your request stay more visible since the section you posted in here is very high traffic with build threads and this one might get buried quickly.


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Great job creating lore behind your character! You should post it here as well so others can find it :)
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