MY Fiberglass


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Well to start of course this was my first time doing this process so I just wanted to provide my experience, as well as some tips to not make the same mistakes i did :)

I followed the instructions on the can for the mixing so it was okay, although I did add more drops of hardener as I felt more comfortable for the later pieces. I didnt know that the paper would give way as I went back over some areas, but thankfully I had the support struts so there was very little warping, if any.

I realized that if I had a drop or smudge of fiberglass on my forearm as I was doing this..I could tell right away ESPECIALLY if im sweating...that **** irritated and burned like hell, but I just ran to the sink and scrubbed with hot soapy water and I was fine..

One mistake I made was to start throwing away the leftover fiberglass that hardened along with paintbrushes and latex gloves in my kitchen trash.
I didnt notice until later that it fills the room with a very strong chemical odor that my mom bitched at me for but whatever..

Oh yeah, and paintbrushes CANNOT be reused...
I tried and TRIED to stretch my money and clean the brush after having it sit in paint thinner, and washed. All it does is leave your hands sticky as hell, and a crappy NOT worth it at all.

Okay so thats what it is and let me know your experiences too, or any tips and tricks I may not know:)