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Hey everyone! New member here and first post so thank you for taking the time to look!
I have no background in making anything like this, so just kind of making it up as i go along haha!

So this is the beginning of my first ever build! I've always loved the ODST and been following a number of peoples builds on the 405th Facebook group for a while now so decided this is the route i wanted to go down for my first ever build. My idea/plan is to do the full armour set but starting with the helmet.
After looking at a number of different files available online, I decided to purchased the BrinkStudio Halo 3 ODST files for my build!
I own a Ender3Pro 3D Printer, and as you guys know, the bed size is rather small, and there was very little files online for broken up models to print on smaller beds and i didn't want to have to go down the MeshMixer route. I know the basics of Fusion360, so i decided this is where i would convert a mesh to solid, and then break up the helmet into 9 pieces and glue together to begin with!

So, here's how i stared, by breaking up the helmet into 8 pieces in Fusion360. Before i knew about ArmourSmith, i decided to measure my head, make a sphere in Fusion360 and then size the helmet based on that!
So below is my broke up model and how i planned to print the pieces.


odst 1.JPG

odst 2.JPG


So, i decided to slice my files in Cura, using a 0.6 printing nozzle, 0.25 layer height with 15% infill with some tree supports for some places, brim bed adhesion , printing with PLA+ at 80mm/s. Each part was roughly take between 10/15 hours to print, and over the course of 8 days i began to slowly get all the pieces printed for my helmet!



Test printed a visor to see what route i wanted to go down with the visor!


I will try vacuum forming my own one at some point, but for the time being, on ETSY i found a seller called ReconService in Italy.
Giulio has been very helpful. When my first visor turned up (and i can appreciate that dying a visor probably isn't the easiest of tasks to do! The first visor was covered in a fair amount of dye spots, which he was very quick to admit and get a replacement visor sent out for me! So top notch service from ReconServices!
I placed my 3D printed visor over the top of the vacuum formed one, drew out a trimming line and trimmed out my visor for the helmet!



The fit was spot on for my build and the fit is very snug and nice. Visibility is good and overall very happy with the outcome!
(Nothing is currently fixed in place as i still need to prep the helmet, fill in the seam build lines, sand and paint) So everything is currently loose fitted.


So, padding out the helmet.
I searched online for a number of hours, from other peoples builds, to helmet linings, and eventually came up with my own plan.
I found a helmet lining that looked like it would fit real nice! I liked the way the cheek pads were angled and i thought this would work nice with the visor alignment!
I also purchased an number of other basic padding for the helmet. I have attached them loosely for the time being but overall this plan seems to/will work really nicely for the route i'm going down with padding out the helmet.
helmet (2).png




So, this is the point i'm currently up too with my build! I've now begun the process of sanding out the print lines, filling and prepping the helmet! So hopefully you guys have enjoyed this little thread so far and looking forward to being able to post more updates!



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Okay, you NEED to provide links for that helmet lining, that stuff is beautiful my friend. I'd love to throw then in a couple helmets I got and see how nice it plays with the electronics space. Very well done! Whats your next part in the suit and are you going all 3D or a hybrid of soft and hard pieces?
Okay, you NEED to provide links for that helmet lining, that stuff is beautiful my friend. I'd love to throw then in a couple helmets I got and see how nice it plays with the electronics space. Very well done! Whats your next part in the suit and are you going all 3D or a hybrid of soft and hard pieces?
Thank you :D So here's the link for the helmet lining i purchased!
I cut off the plastic from around the front so that i could manipulate the lining more within the helmet! i also cut along a few seems so widen it a bit!

So next, while i am prepping the helmet and getting it ready for paint, i've started from the bottom and printing the shins! Nearly finished printing one of them, just need 1 more part to print and then onto the knee! Keeping the printing churning out parts while i can :)

I thought that liner looked familiar :lol: very well installed.

might i also ask about how you installed the visor?

Thanks very much :D
Visor isn't installed/stuck in yet, but the file for the helmet has some printed 'placeholders' for the visor to get it in the correct place.
So what i done is 3D print the visor itself, then placed the vacuum formed visor over the top, and use my 3D printed one to cut the visor into the same shape (as it would then fit the placeholders in the helmet. Can vaguely see the holders in the photo on the left below. But once i'm ready, will soon be glued into place.

Looking good. I just started an ODST build of my own so I'll be following your work with interest. Guess I need to start my own build thread...
Only a little bit of an update!

So, before starting this project, i wasn't sure how far/well i would do with this in general being my first build, so i ordered a Sean Bradley helmet and and visor back in January (i think) while i working on producing my own and it turned up the other day! I'll probably use the Sean Bradley one as a decorative piece for my room.

It's so nice to see the similarities between my printed helmet and the Sean Bradley helmet and kind of how 'well' i'm doing so far for the first build with little experience in this.


So, i've so far managed to print a complete leg print. All scaled in ArmourSmith for this part. From an initial test fit, seems to fit my leg really well and will be nice and snug one there's some padding and straps in there to hold everything in place. Still sanding and prepping the helmet in-between printing parts.
Going to start the second leg within the coming days and hopefully be finished it within the next week. I'll then move onto the hip plates, working my way upward!
Thanks again for taking a look at my build!

Excellent progress! You could totally add an attachment to the printed helmet for one of the specialist variations now that you have 2 helmets!
wink wink sharpshooter gang wink wink
That helmet is awesome! The most frustrating part of my ODST build was the visor and attempting to get that fitted. Awesome work!
Thanks very much! Just checked out your build thread and looking like a great start so far mate :D

Just finished printing one of my shins! Knee part is currently printing then going to make a start on the other leg!
View attachment 314149 View attachment 314150
How did you get the thigh to stay on with the print and fit your foot and leg into it? I did a print for leg armor awhile ago and the issue I had was I had to bend my foot in such a weird way and shove it in as well as almost break it. Did you cut it vertically and just snap it together around your calf?
Really slick bucket you've got there. I'm especially impressed with the choice of padding (and appreciate said padding being linked so I can get something like that whenever I make my ODST cosplay).
Your helmet is looking great! I wish I could get the details to come out that good on my prints!
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