My First Grunt

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So with my handy spring break, i decided to start on one costume for the movie.

A grunt.

Feel free to give tips or whatever, this took about 4 hours to do and is about 2 and 1/4 feet tall. Just looking at it im pretty certain it will look good on a small person.

By the way this is my first time, and now i know why i leave the costume building to you guys. You all are definately talented.







damn bro i'm lovin it :mrgreen: great start lets see the rest! (BTW great capture of the curves and stuff it just "feels" right)
Very nice start. I can imagine a 9 year-old running around in one screaming "Grenade!"

What do you plan to make the body out of?
Well i was thinking an adult onezee (spelling please) or maybe a wet suit. Whatever it will be it will be for a small person and also we want to paint it with a kinda fish net on top of it to get that scaley look.

honestly though im kinda creating as I go. Never done this before. I actually just started the shoulder/chest pieces of the ARMOR, but im going to bed soon. work on it as i can.

all in all i think i will want to mass produce this and id like to hook up with a san diegan with a vacuform machine so we can make some multiple parts.

okay like i said im doing as i go so there are no real plans yet.
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