My first helmet so far


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so I am making this fallout t45 power helmet, and I am debating if I should use resin on the outside and a mix of resin with bondo on the inside. Then I would sand it and make it smooth, then paint. any insight and tips would be helpful :]


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You pretty much got it down. When resining the outside for the first few layers, you should add a good amount of supports on the inside and maybe not apply resin to the whole helmet at once to prevent warping. Resin and Bondo for the inside should give you a nice smooth inside, But I'd put at least one layer of fiber glass inside before the rondo to give it more strength and prevent it from shattering too easily. You can just sand down the outside, but for smoothing some parts, bondo can be useful so you don't sand through your helmet. In the end, you just have to try and see how it goes, as a lot of things like resin, way of application and paper influence how things go.


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Looking good brother. Nice clean pep work. If your only gonna use it as a prop display price then fiberglass may be unnecessary. If you intend to do anything other than sit it on a shelf, I would recommend fiberglass ing the inside before doing a rondo layer. It's messy work but you don't want you finished product to crack or break if you can avoid it. Again it all depends on what your planning to do with the piece.

Ultimately, it's your work so you can do it however you want. Just post updates so we can see how it goes!


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Bro yes! welcome to the gang!!! i'm currently about to wrap up my fallout 3 t-45 power armor! just have to fill the seams and seal now. Are you planning on creating the rest of the armor or just the helmet?

Regarding tips, if it is for wearing, 2 layers of fiberglass cloth or matt on the inside. if not then i would say you only need one layer on the inside.
  • disposable gloves, and a lot, get a 50-100 pack because the resin and bondo stage make those gloves useless after about 1-2 batches easy.
  • PPE!!! wear a respirator, brains don't like those chemicals. also make sure you do it in a ventilated area whether outside or near a ventilation system.
  • Rondo on the inside can be a substitute for fiberglass cloth but it is brittle so don't expect strength its more for structure and smoothness
  • get a bunch of cheap $1 paint brushes for the fiberglassing.
  • Use popsicle sticks on the inside of the helmet to reinforce it while you resin the outside (do 2 coats on the outside then sand it before bondoing)
  • Sanding! when using bondo, go with heavy grit until it's a shape you want then use finer grits and finish up with a wet sand.
if you have more questions we are all willing to help.

Your helmet structure looks great, looks like the same file I used, but I used it for foam :)
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