My first pep armor.

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OK here is the start of my pep armor. I also have the chest and backplate done but no pics yet. I will have them on hopefully later today.

Here in a few im going to add my biceps and chest plate on here.
Thanks!! Im really glad to have found this site. Its amazing!!! Im dissapointed that I didn't get theother pics up today, but I really hope to have the crotch, legs and feet done by sunday after noon. Cause I got to work at Gamestop that evening and then i got all that night and after I get home from school to get it done. For the launch.
Soulmemories said:
I hope you didn't use regular paper, it will bend eaiser when it comes to painting and warp.

Nice folds.

No thats the 110 lb cardstock. I'm gonna be wearing this to my gamestops launch. Because ill be working thta night. So i get to hype up the crowd for the night, gettin them ready for the launch time. So no one is worrying about how much longer they got to wait to get ahold of thier sweet copy, and go home and play.
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