my first pep helm (new pics on page 5)

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Unless your really really fast and carefull, its nigh near impossible to do the whole thing in one go around, because the resin hardens so quickly. Another plus to doing it in sections is that, since everything on wont be wet, there will be more structural integrity to support the wet sections.

Im doing mine in chunks. I did the top middle section yesterday and then started working on my left thigh piece while that dried.
thanks i going to do the rest of the helm(outside) and do all of the inside with the cloth stuff. I might even do a second coat on it all if it dries fast enough
If you have the right mixture of hardener and resin, ideally, it should dry in about 20 minutes.

Personally I use 25 drops of hardener per 2 OZ of resin. And I usually have about 7-9 minutes to spread it around before it begins to goop up.

Point being, you can easily resin an entire helmet in just a few hours if you want to, but dont rush it, because it will turn out badly. My first helmet was sorta lopsided cause my dad and I did the entire outside in 10 minutes, so yeah....

Fiberglassing will take a bit longer, just cause you have to cut and fit, and such, but I guess, you could have a helmet resined and fiberglassed in one day. I cant, cause I have work from 8-5 =/
true i just want it all done fiberglassed before i think the 28th of august becuase after that school will be killer and then i have to paint it before the halo 3 release
Yea I'm using normal paper and tape just to get the basic idea of assembly... What did you use when you were just putting the paper together? I was thinking a glue stick... :p
well i finally got the right supplies and i will have to wait till friday(PAYDAY) and buy a mask from ace hardware
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