My first Pepakura armor

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Hey guys, I'm new to this place (as you can all probably tell), but I'm planning to start making my first armor (hopefully by halloween). Me and my friend are going to work on it, and we've read through all the tutorials and such, and will thus be starting this saturday using Pepakura.

However, because I want to make sure that this goes as best as it possibly can, I need to ensure that I have everything correct.

Firstly, the sizing:

Height: I'm roughly 5'8'', so thats about 170cm (I think)
Weight: 127lbs (gives an idea of my body size)
Head circumference: About 27.5 cm
Shoulder to Elbow: 35cm
Elbow to wrist: 29.5 cm
Hand: 18.5 cm
Waist: 84.5cm
Waist to knee: 50.5 cm
Knee to Ankle: 41.5 cm
Foot length: 25.5 cm

So how should I size this, I know I'm probably shorter than the average, and I want this to be as exact as about what should the scale be?

Secondly, one aspect that confuses me is how to wear the suit. I know that a sort of underarmor must be worn, but I don't really get how the suit connects to the underarmor. Am I supposed to connect it (using glue/velcro), or should the armor slip on and fit fine?

So, I believe thats about it for now, I'll have pictures up as soon as I can, and thanks for any and all help in advance! The community's looking great, and from what I've read, is greatly helpful, so I'm looking forward to being here.

Thanks again!
Hey, I'm starting too! Good luck. I would like to know about the straps too. I think there is something on how to scale it approximately in the first page of the scaling sticky.

As Fuffuloo 117 mentioned, you would probably like to read the scaling tip by Frizzlefry in this topic. (You'll also see in that topic that Cha*Man graciously provides a full table of scales based on heights in inches.) I started with his scaling formula for my suit.

I found that the formula was personally a good starting place. I'm 5'6, so that was a scale factor of 23.28572093 for me.

As you can see, it was a close overall average of my scales:

Helmet: 27
Chest: 25
Forearms: 20
Biceps: 20
Space Diaper: 23
Thighs: 21
Calves: 21
Feet: 21
Avg= 22.25

The Pepakura program will also tell you the finished dimensions of each armor piece. Since you've got the measurements of your body it might help to compare that as well.

Everyone has a different build and idea of what is a good fit, so there will be probably be a bit of trial and error. Also, individual pieces will vary because the master chief model isn't based all that closely to real human proportions. Hopefully that size table will help you start though!


If you scale your pepakura to fit your body well, you shouldn't have to attach it directly to the under armor. Padding the inside and adding straps to the outer armor should keep it in place just fine. That way, it is easier to get into and is adjustable too. You can buy cinches, straps, and buckles at fabric and craft stores or Walmart. These can be adhered to your armor with resin, epoxies, goop or you can drill in little holes and punch them in place with rivets.

Example of a basic strap.

If you need help choosing the actual under armor I can recommend what I bought:
Black Stretch Undershirt $13
Neck Guard, Chest Armor, and Full Fingered Gloves $15
Pants (these pants are girls but they have for guys too) $20-30

Hope that helps :)

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Thanks alot! I'll start calculating the scaling later then, once my friend gets here. I'll also make sure to get some of those velcro straps. We'll be starting tomorrow if all goes as planned, just need to buy some card stock paper. Hopefully I'll have pictures up by tomorrow night, we'll see.

Once again, thanks!
Alright guys, new update: I've finished the left bicep:

Its a little big on me, but I think with straps it should be fine...what do you guys think?

Working on the crotch plate next, hopefully I'll be done by the end of today.

EDIT: Agh, sorry for the double post >.<
Lookin' good! From the photo it seems to fit well. Arms are a good starting place, it's the first thing I did too.

Keep it up :)

Alrighty, finished the crotch and left calf. I had to extend the crotch belt a bit, but it seems and fits fine now!


Edit: Also, I'm using a Coast Guard Helicopter Jumpsuit as the underarmor. Its Navy blue, but I figure I can paint the armor any dark color and it should look pretty good.
Hey dude I suck at doing this do I use normal paper and then over lap it with paper mashay or what ever. Also do I bend the dotted lines?
Also is there like the same number and glue it together please reply as soon as posable!?
You glue to the same number.

Also, just finished up the helmet, after about 5 or 6 hours of working. Was a pain, but I got it :)

Working on the foot next, should be done by tomorrow.

EDIT: One quick question though, do we build the foot armor around a shoe, or do we just wear socks with it?
I'm building it around a shoe. More comfortable (pep foot is completely flat), and I'm not sure a fiberglassed one would stand up to my weight banging it on pavement, concrete, etc.
Same here. After I assembled the pep shoe, I cut out the paper sole so it was 2 separate cover pieces :)

This is a pretty big project, I wish you luck. I finished my armor in a little over a month. As for attaching the armor its a lot easier than some people make it sound. I used tight black athletic pants and a small black long sleeve t-shirt. I tucked the shirt into the pants and then just used Velcro and some webbing that I picked up from Hancock Fabrics. Hot Glue does the trick for holding the velcro where you need it to be but dont expect it to stay on forever, it will begin to peel off on the corners after a few uses which can easily be fixed by putting on more glue. Hot Glue is the fastest route to go if your pressed for time, otherwise I would suggest a stronger glue or resin that takes longer to dry.
Just finished up the boot, beginning work on the thigh, I'll take some pics or something. In the meantime:

What I got so far.
New update: I'm now roughly half done, just need the right side and the chest plate (currently working on the chest plate):

holy crap! thats your pairents room right? oh and on topic the armour is looking great but the leg peice is in the wrong position(i knoow its not done yet but its better to know sooner then later). the upper part should be twisted 90 degrees so that the longest part is on the outside of your leg.
Lol, yes, that definately is my parents room.

Also, finished the chest piece and right shoulder. I just have 4 pieces left! Hoping to be fiberglassing by next week! =D
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