My First Post! Recon - ODST | Progress Build


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After watching Adam Savage, a lot, and going to Halo Outpost last year, I decided to give building my character a shot. I originally had a 3D printer, and was printing all of the armour pieces... until my printer started to act up, making it useless. I've been teeter tottering with the idea of buying the suit, but it wasn't very Adam Savage of me to do that... so after long consideration and playing with the idea... I bough Sean Bradleys kit... My idea was to use some parts from the kit and print other parts to fit my style. I love the upper body of this kit, but quickly realizing I could just print the shins and feel better about them... As I am in the early stages of building my suit still.. I'm down to hear some ideas...

I also want to thank my good, gracious, friend TnG R1ckx (Ghost) for all the help hes been doing for me... as this is my first build, always being there to answer my questions. Ghost, you rock dude and you really do mean a lot to me, friend!