1st Build My First Spartan [GEN 2/3 mix]


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After finishing my ODST earlier this year (2021) and after getting my paws on the Halo Infinite MP flight I had the budding desire to build a Spartan. I figure it's only the next step, right? So I took the plunge!

Firstly, measurements and what generation or combination of gens I wanted to use. I was immediately reminded of the Halo 4 concept art I found when H4 was releasing. This bad boy right here
Halo4-445 (1).jpeg

Beautiful isn't it? This was always the thing that popped into my mind when I thought "If I ever build a Spartan" it always brought this image to mind. So With this as a framework, I wanted to use the torso (And kinda like Jorge) and make some mods to create a nice gorget and neck armor.

So I made a concept! A crude concept art, but its mine.
Screenshot_20211217-171213_Cut Paste Photos.jpg

That is roughly how I want it to look (just a bit pudgier around the midway)
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