My friend died...

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So, I haven't been online in a while because I moved. Plus, I had a hard week. But I'm back.

On Saturday, January the 12th my friend was playing Halo 3 when his heart stopped beating and he died. Apparently the arteries in his heart were too thin. When normal people's had a thickness of 14 his were barely a 7. He just turned 20 in October and he was very healthy so no one knew it was going to happen. Even if it was detected there wasn't going to be any guarantee that it could have been fixed.

His roommate found him the next day with the controller still in his hand and the headset still on his head.

Basically it was his time. He was the happiest and most lively person I have ever known. He could always make you laugh. I tried to picture him in his coffin before his showing and I could only see him smiling.

Anyway, when you pwn while playing Halo, play for the greatest guy I have ever met, Roy James Davies.

His gamertag was EinsteinatOSU09.

Article in the paper.

Roy is the one in front of me.


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Wow. That's really unfortunate.

I'll play in honor of the guy. He seems like he was a nice fellow.

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That sucks so bad. I'm sorry for your loss. I have a friend that's going to OSU too. I wonder if he knows about this?


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I know can not comprehend what you are feeling now,But I hope you feel better later on.I'm also sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Its a good thing that when you think of him you see him smile. Its a great testament to your friends character. I lost my father, every time I think of him I would see him laughing. The old saying that they live on in our hearts is so true.


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This is such a tragedy if someone dies so young :(
I'm sorry for your loss and I wish you that you and Roys family can find a way to live with the pain.

In deepest sympathy,


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maby you should tell bungie about this. i meen gamer dies doing what he loved, halo3!!!


lol sry if this offended you


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I agree , maybe bungie could honor him.

I'm truly sorry for your loss , I lost my grandfather over the summer , so , I know what it's like to lose someone near and dear.

At least he died doing something he loved....

*May he rest in peace and his spirit be among us eternally*



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im so sorry for your loss, i dont even know what your going through, ive never lost someone so close to me. i wish you the best of luck in this sad time.
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