My Halo 1 pistol

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<a href="" target="_blank">This is my M6C pistol i outlined it because it was blurry this is my first weapon so yes im a noob i hope you guys like it please just give suggestions dont flame me
i dont like it i just joined and thank you for inspiration Link</a> :mrgreen: :$ops: :eek [/url]

Yes, I do believe it could use a bit of modification. I use Legos for my weapons, they actually have working slides Ect. I have only built one halo weapon, the battle rifle.
I destroyed it shortly after I made it to make different weapons.
To offer a few specific critiques.

1- Extend the handle and the magazine

2- Straighten the handle a bit if you can

3- Move the trigger guard closer to the front of the pistol and further down the handle

4- Move the hood further back on the barrel just slightly

Keep working on it and it'll be awesome. But hey, a first project is a first project.

Higher res pics please!
:$ops: ah thanx
of course make the back of the slide come out more

are you glueing you legos together?
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