Props My Halo 5 Boomco Blasters repainted and mounted on REQ Card backgrounds


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Over the past months, I've been grabbing some of the boomco blasters and modeling them up to look like some of the REQ's in Halo 5. Then I had the idea to paint a canvas like the REQ Card and mount the guns to the canvas. Here are the results below:


Here's a look at all 4 of the guns themselves. The Brute Spiker (top left), Gunfighter Magnum (top right), Void's Tear (bottom left), and the Gold Standard AR (bottom right)


Here's the Gold Standard AR mounted on a painted 30x40 REQ Canvas. Really happy with how it turned out.


A look at the AR, fully functional, with a working flashlight mounted on the end.


Here's how I'd imagine a Brute Spiker REQ would look


I added some black grip wrapping around the handle based off of the Halo 3 model


Here's the Gunfighter Magnum REQ


The gun is magnetically mounted to the canvas


Here's the Magnum itself. I extended the barrel to make it look more like it does in game


Finally, here's the Void's Tear. I love all the colors here.


And a final look at the gun. I still need to touch up the blue areas in the middle a bit, but I'm happy with how it turned out.


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VERY nice repaints and mods. I like how clean you painted those patterns. The AR and Spiker look amazing.

... and I might be stealing your BoomCo Magnum mod. O_O Yes, I'm a filthy thief. Earlier I thought myself of modding, but never thought more about it. After seeing yours, it's very real.
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