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Sort of a Halo 3 pre-quel-fan-fiction-sequel-thing

The Master Chief ran forward.
Chief! Two seconds until liftoff!
Chief leaped across the abyss of his dreams and into the Pelican Dropship.
The Pelican took off.
Good job. Take this and clean ‘em up.
He was handed a MA5B Assault Rifle. His HUD clicked in recognition.
Chief pointed the rifle in the direction of the enemy. His weapon roared and the counter on his HUD and his twin on the rifle went down.
The Chief looked and saw he was wasting bullets. He ripped the magazine from the rifle, tossed it out of the Pelican, and slammed a new one home.
Chief turned around, tossed the rifle back, and grabbed 4 HE Frag Grenades.
Foehammer, bring us around those Grunts.
The Spartan took all-purpose duct tape and wrapped it around the grenades. He primed one of them and pitched them towards the Grunts and Elites ahead.
An Elite shrieked in wonder.
An explosion ripped through the mass and sent limbs flying towards the surrounding ocean.
It sounded like his mother.
“Hey, Chief, wake it up, its party time.”
The Master Chief opened his eyes and stood up. He was well than 3 heads higher than the Sergeant in front of him.
“Chief, we gotta go and kick some Covie…” a Battle Rifle fired and The Sergeant was cutoff.
“Bowie! Get over here!”
“Sir Yes Sir!”
Bowie trotted over to the area. Bowie was 5’10’ and had blonde hair. A scar ran down his cheek. He carried a BR55 Battle Rifle and some grenades.
“Yeah Sarge?” inquired Bowie.
“Bowie, stop the rifle chatter, the Covies are all over the place. Hop into that ‘Hog and man the gun.” barked the Sergeant.
“Sir, Yes Sir!” answered Bowie.
Bowie ran towards the turret, threw his rifle into the back seat and hopped on. He prepared the magazine.
“Chief, I’ll need you to drive. I’ll be manning the side seat with my S2.”
The Sergeant ran his hand down on his rifle. The S2-AM Sniper Rifle was a beauty. It fired fin-stabilized discarding sabot rounds. It had a 10x scope and was the farthest reaching weapon in the UNSC’s arsenal.
“Acknowledged.” responded Master Chief.
Chief walked towards the seat and hopped in. His hands reached for the steering wheel.
“Alright, Chief, were going to attack that Covenant position to our left-”, the Sergeant made a sweeping motion with his hand. “ And were going to link up with the 401st Cavalry and grab us some ’Hogs and Scorpions.”
“Sounds like a plan.” responded Chief. Master Chief put the pedal to metal and took off. He saw the Banshees long before he saw them.
“Bowie, take out those Banshees!” ordered Chief.
“Alright…” Bowie said. He turned the LAAG towards the direction of the enemy and let loose. 7.62 rounds flew through the cool lake air. The Banshee on the right’s left wing was torn off and the Banshee flipped in mid-air. It took a dive into their own structure. Banshee shrapnel flew around and cut into a Grunt who shrieked in pain. Bowie turned his weapon to the right and let loose.
The Pilot fired a Fuel Rod and it flied towards the Warthog. Chief pushed the pedal hard and sped past the enemy. The round exploded harmlessly behind them. Master Chief made a quick U-turn and came barreling towards the enemy. Bowie opened fire and bullets tore into the unsuspecting Elite. He turned around at the last second and was crushed by the Warthog. Chief span around again and the Sergeant fired his S2 at a nearby Elite who was firing his rifle at the ‘Hog. The Elite’s face was taken off and he reached for it, realized he was dead and fell over.
“Brutes! To the left!” screamed Bowie.
John! Watch out behind you!” Cortana shouted.
Chief remembered Cortana was with him, made another quick U-turn and ran over a quick-approaching lance of Grunts. Methane exploded and the back right hubcap popped off.
Remember those Brutes!” Cortana notified him.
The Master Chief span around the ‘Hog and told Bowie to open fire. The leader dived out of the way and behind the cover of a com post.
“Bowie!” shouted Chief. Bowie’s 3-barreled spitting machine opened up on the com post. It exploded and took the Elite with him. Bowie whooped and they all dismounted.
Chief, I think we have to activate the bridge controls.” Cortana said. Master Chief took a brief couple of seconds to look at his surroundings. He was on Earth. Glad to be home, the Chief was deployed to the town of Megas, on the continent of Africa. Around him was a lush landscape of grass, and surrounding that was a desert. He was in the Industrial District of Megas. The bridge that led to the outside was built during the Rain Forest Wars. It was built so the rebels couldn’t get in.
John, activate the bridge controls- it should be a click to your east.”
Master Chief saw Bowie and the Sergeant follow him. The Sergeant was female and her datatag read “SGT. ISAIAH”. So her last name was Isaiah.
“Isaiah.” the Master Chief said.
“Yeah Chief?”
“What do you think we should do?”
“Well sir, I think we should get out of here. But since we have to stay, I think we should activate the bridge, clear out the other side, and call in the Pelicans for perhaps a Scorpion and a ‘Hog.”
“Cortana: Adapt that plan for our current one.”
Adapting…the plan is to activate the bridge, clear the other side using the Warthog, clear a landing zone, get a reinforcement of 5 Marines, and head out. Recon has detected an ambush ahead, so we’ll play it safe and have the Pelican stick around.” Cortana said.
“Good plan, Cortana. We’re going to follow her plan. Bowie and Isaiah, get on the ’Hog. Isaiah in the side and Bowie on the gun. I’m activating the bridge and hopping in.”
“Alright Sir.” Bowie said.
Chief walked into the human-built structure. It was built out of steel. He saw an old MA5B assault rifle, dropped his BR and picked it up. It felt good in his hands. He also saw a M19 SSM Rocket Launcher. He dropped his SMG and picked it up. A full load. His hands scrambled over the familiar controls and the bridge came down. He sprinted outside, threw the Rocket Launcher and Assault Rifle into the weapons holder and speeded up. The ‘Hog went over the bridge no problem.

BTW, I'm implementing my own pieces of fan fiction...datatags and bio-food.
Good job.

^^I'm just assuming because I havn't read it yet... It's long. I'll get on that though, maybe tomorrow- busy now :dee:
Well, maybe compared to the 300-odd page novels, but it's longer than most posts on here...

Ummm... Fine, I'll read it. :mrgreen:
Why? Because big words make small brain of Link's go boom-boom?
Sorry for the baby-speak, since Link's brain hurts 'n all.
Now that I actually read it ( :mrgreen: ) I can say "Very very good job!"

Some grammer and logic errors in there ["He saw them long before he saw them", and a click is a little less that a Mile, I believe, which you made out to be 10 ft or so (no offense)], but All made up for by the fact that you know that Africa is a continent and NOT A COUNTRY!! :evil: :evil: :evil: (pet Pieve).

Excellent job all around, Ares.
Lol...I haven't even finished the first chapter...When I do, I will send them the chapter and see their feedback.
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