my initial helmet sculpt....(pic intensive)

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so i went out got a bunch of clay and just started sculpting. took me 3 days to do it too. here is what i had.....yes had is the word to use because i forgot that im not supposed to build on an armeture otherwise itll fall to pieces which is exactly what happened. but here are a few pics of the helmet before it fell gunna try and build up a bunch of bondo and do the same thing so yeah.....heres the pics:





so thats basically it. thats what i had....until the helmet dissentigrated on me and the arm piece can see the crack in the arm piece...but i think i can salvage it.





tell me what you think :) comments and opinions on what to sculpt with appreciated!!! anything that wont crack apart is appreciated :) or any methods on how to thicken up bondo to like a putty almost.[/img]
I'd love to give some critism or compliments, but first, use imageshack, or photobucket for hosting, not all of us have a myspace, and we'd need to be on your friendslist to see those images
yeah thanks for the tip. i couldnt quite get the pics to show so i had to use links and i then realised just what u said. so there are the pics. criticism welcome
thats some fine work there. I like it alot. Too bad about the helmet though...
why did it fall to pieces?

If you used water based clay, it's probably because it dried out and cracked. Use oil based.

Really nice job, I'm working on a set of my own drawn armor similar using adam's tutorial and its working out great, I'll get some pics up later! : P
I thought I'd have critism, but wow.
That is quite amazing really.
The detail is nicely done on the forearm as much as I can see.

The foream does look like it might be a little thin though, Chiefs armor appears very bulky compared to that, not to say it isnt an amazing sculpt.
My other concern is, since its built from scratch, how are you gonna go about producting identical peices(right forerm =/= left foream), if your not using a mold?
Looks very well made, Make the Nose piece a bit smaller as Spartan-053 said, I hope it works out for you :D
Keep up the good work :)
Damien said:
wait, why did it break?

Judging from the pictures, I'd assume it was a water-based clay and cracked off when it dried out.

There's a metal bowl of water in a few of the pics.
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SPARTAN-053 said:
I think everything looks great, but just in my opinion, the nose part of your helmet looks a tad big.

If he change the nose part a bid, i would be a verry cool H1 helmet...i mean just look at it.
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you guys have nooooo idea how much your compliments mean seriously.
im not too concerned with attaining the symmetry because im a detail freak when it comes to sculpting anything. (i once did a 1/3 scale boba fett helmet out of solid clay)
yes that is the red vs. blue helmet, i actually used quite a few people's armor pics as reference. i do agree with you on the whole thing about the forearm being too skinny also. i didnt quite realise that it was that skinny until it was done and i kinda of smacked myself for not gettin the details right but its w/e.

yeah i definitely the warning about the bondo. ill try to get some oil based clay. the nose does need to come back some too.
the main reason the helmet may not look like some others such as how it has like a small drop-off on the two "mowhawks" towards the back. i seem to remember seeing that somewhere but i also saw the whole thing about like so much of a percentage has to not be the same as the in game model if im going to produce these.

as far as reproducing them i figured on building my base model out of clay then using release agent and applying urethane plastic putty from Smooth-On to get a negative of my positive sculpt. after i do that im going to split the negative in two down the middle of the mowhawk and use a release agent on the negative and use a spray urethane plastic to achieve the manufactured piece. thats basically how i plan to reproduce em. cast a negative and then using spray plastic make another positive and put em back together.

any comments welcome! thanks for the compliments and criticism. they both are very appreciated!!

does it help to know that im only 17? i dont see many other 17 yr olds doing what im doing lol
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