My introduction and my Project

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Maj Pain

First things first, i wanted to thank all of the talented members of this community for their tutorials and input on all things pepakura. This was my first experience creating this type of art and im glad i found this site. Anyways, I created a suit of armor for my 3 year old son in about 2 1/2 weeks for the launch with the help of this community and i wanted to share the pix. The suit wasn't resined or glassed (im stationed in Japan and im having trouble finding "readable instructions" for the brands of resin out here). I took a few ideas from the site to use a sanded wood paste on the inside(SLOW process) and multiple layers of rubber cement on both sides. After that i used a generous amount of the foam fill and carved it as soon as i could to help prevent collapsing. The result was very strong yet slightly flexible(My son is 3 so i needed it to be a little comfortable for him to play in). I also have a couple of questions for the anyone who can help. I was thinking of resining his costume by halloween, but i was wondering if i could just put it directly on top of the armor as is considering what the suit is made of i don't want to sand. Anyways, Thanx again to all that contribute.



The helmet had a visor that I created using a cd carousel that i tinted using a cheap gold mirrored sheet of car window tint i got from the 100 yen store out here. My son didn't like looking out of it. what ya gonna do.
that is so rediculasly cool. i could jus imagine having that as a kid, soooooooo much fun. bet you have searious troube getting him out of it.
good work.

p.s. could you post up a pice of the tinted visor? i was thinking of doing it this way.
Sorry bro, I don't have any pix of the visor. I kind of destroyed it cutting it out of the helmet. No worries though, i was probably going to make another one for my suit, but to be totally honest, you may want to just drop a few bucks on the replacement visors for the dual effect. The cd carousel is pretty cloudy both to look though and to look at. Oh, thanx for the comments guys. My son loves all things Halo. He is only three but him and his friends play it all the time. They all want me to make them Halloween costumes so they can go out as a squad. Crazy kids.
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