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heres a few things that they have me working on at work
bob marley's bike restoring it (well im going to fine a replacement)

universals monters cleaning them up abit and putting LEDs in dracula's head

and a fiberglass raptor
You know all this time I've been wondering what it is that you do.... !

Sweet, any job openings???? ;-)

Just kiddin, I know it's probably a competitive job to get into. But really, I am extremely jealous now!!! Congrats, I'm sure that it's a very cool place to work...

seriously, do you need any sculptors or moldmakers...? :$ops:

I've seen that raptor thing before. Its the "skeleton" that the foam rubber skin goes over. Right?
i hate you. (not really) but you have a sweet job i bet its alot of fun and it sucks prolly too for you somethimes. long hours im guessing. with even more emphasis on long. but still sweet.
Live the dream man, live it.
I guess this is why you've been so quiet about your profession...
I was thinking that you might work for a production company or somthing, but this makes perfect sense.

Where did you go to school to do this, and how long have you been at Universal?

I'm still jealous! :mrgreen:
Haha that would make a lot sense being how artistically inclined you are! XD
You get mad props from me and im sure from just about anyone here on the forums.
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