My M6D pistol or whatever it is from halo 1

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ok guys i was wondering i made an a halo 1 pistol out of a toy gun (9mm pistol) and some grey clay and some silver clay i need some advice i need to learn how to smooth clay and how to cut plastic i need to cut the bottom past of the trigger and im done ill post pics as soon as i get them and remember this is my first one so it might be bad.

P.S how the heck do you shape cardboard so it could fit your head like a helmet? ;-) :eek :shock: :dance1:
Dig around in the forums for most answers for clay. This topic really should be in Props and Weapons anyway.

And for cutting. Dremel Rotary Tool= Best
But a hacksaw will work too.

Good luck and looking forward to pics.
Simply putting clay on your gun will not work for what you are describing.

Water based clay will dry and crack as it shrinks around your toy gun. Oil based clay will never harden, leaving you with a gummy mess around your gun.

You will need to sculpt the M6D in clay, make a mold of it, and cast it in plastic resin, then fit your toy 9mm inside the hollow cast. I think this is probably a little more complicated than you imagined.

Read through the moldmaking tutorial and videos here to learn more about how to do this.
I once tried to make a M6D out of purely clay. Not enough clay or skill for me to do it. :(
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