My M90 Shotgun

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Hey all,
It's great to be here, I'm new to the hobby but I'm already having good fun.

After discovering the hobby several days ago, I sprang into action the next day by creating my replica M90 shotgun. I had an old hardballer airsoft gun which had the core mechanics required to build the m90 minus a pistol grip.

I stripped the shotgun down and sanded the various parts to give a weathered look, using a razor knife to chip small bits out of some corners which i felt may have been worn and torn, also sanding off any logos such as a big "HardBaller" logo on the side and a "made in korea" logo also. After this

I reassembled it and waited for the next day. The following day I went and got some adhesive putty from the hardware store and applied it to the pumping grip replicating the similar parts on the halo m90. After this had dried I then sprayed the whole thing a matt black and left to dry, after this i began working weathering detail into the model with a metallic paint i bought alongside the putty at the store.



And this is the current result, the only things left to do are cut the pistol grip i have drawn up ready to cut, paint it, weather it and stick it to the udnerside of the weapon next to the trigger. And then add a thin wooden strip, painted black and weathered to the top of the barrel, likewise to the halo counterpart.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to talking to all of you about the hobby and all other things Halo.

I'll post any updates asap ;)

dude thats aweoms i was gonna do the same thing but why waste 40$ on something that might not come out right.

spend 250$ on links ar and it will be perfect
Thanks for all the comments, to field you question sigma, yeah it does fire, but in a bizarre manner. When stripping it a little plastic piece pinged off near the mag slot. In order to fire it now i have to load a pellet down the barrel musket style, and the air from the shot will fire it a good 12 feet. I'm gunna be working on it more tonight, ill post pics asap.
thanks for the intrest folks ;-)
More pics coming up real soon, I'm just waiting for various adhesives to dry, expect pics up later tonight. :dee:
Then it's onto the next Project.
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