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hey everyone....just thought id drop in and say starting halo 3 marine armour and was wondering if anyone had any hi-res stills from 3 of the mnarines...i only have one full frontal pic...and i need side and back shots....updates will come soon, im making it out of not sure if anyone has heard of this before, its what we use to make mandalorain costumes over at my mandalorian costuming forum...its a plastic....and its awsome! yeah....any help would be much apreciated!
oh i forgot to post a pic of my mandalorian...this is the latest photo...its almost finished and should be done by the end of next week:-


i also recently made gears of war themed mandalorian armour for a friend of mine:-


cheers for lookiong i know its a little off topic but i'll post updates of my marine as soon as i have them
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If im guess right are those Yugo M48 Pouches on your belt XD

holy cow...they are yugo pouches....good eye there...ive found a lot of stills today by acctually lookiong through the im ok on the stills side now...i also purchased a USNC marines symbol pin badge today...and wore it with pride lol hoping to get some sintra by the weekend...what i cant find is any kind of template system for the marine armour...any help in directing me to them (if anyone has any) would be very cool...thanks...oh and im in the UK...are there any other british people on this forum?
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Yeah, I've seen lots of yugo pouches sold as Orignal Nassie Wrold Wra Too at militaria shows.....sad how people like to scam others..... but getting off topic!

Where'd you get the pin? I wanna get one cuz im not making an ODST helmet im just gonna wear a Black hat, hmmm started thinking again, I could take a reproduction Panzer m43 cap cut the wool ear flaps off and put the pin in the spot the Ex-German eagle would go hmmmm.....
topic doesn't have anythign on marines... plus there is a gallery with lots of high resolution pictures of H3 Marines. :)
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