My New Web Page!!!!!!

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OK so i have now got my own web page, it is a little about me and my art / Company Eternal. Please go check it out and let me know what you think here. I was also wondering if i should start another thread to post a poll for my T-shirt designs or just post them here?

The Web Page is
some pretty sweet stuff. i was thinking about making props but yeah im not. instead ill make buildings. so once i start designing those ill post them on here.
For me it evokes ideas of after life, legacy, and the future. Eternal is what i will leave for generations to come, it is my mark. Art is everlasting. The body dies and is forgotten but ideas and concepts never die, they may be forgotten, but will never die.


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this is awesome, what did you make it out of...i dont think it said on the site....mabey it did o well

EDIT: nice shoes hehehe i love em.

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