Props My Old Halo 4 - MA5C and other MC parts


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Wow! Those look really nice and smooth! What process did you use to build the armor?

I'm guessing the originals were 3D printed, I can see what looks like build lines in crevices. Looks really nice and smooth!


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The original helmet was cnc'd from the high resolution model of Master Chief into 12lbs foam. The model was from the bubble shield commercial. The forearms and hand backs were about $2200 worth of 3D printing. The chest armor and the backplate were cnc'd into foam


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If you're spending $2200 on forearms and handplates, you're obviously not using FDM printers, are you? :D
I could get by with slightly lower quality prints and only spending $40 or seem to be spending too much money, dude.

The MA5 looks very smooth. You must be very proud. :D


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Argh, it's all Halo 3! :D
But really nice clean things there.
Still, I can't imagine paying so much money for that. O_O I've seen same quality for far far less... I dunno if it's because it was few years ago? :O Wow!