My Pep Helmet!!!!!


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Hey guys!
I just finaly got around to puttin stuff up here on my helmet

this is when i put it all together with 110 lb cardstock

then i resined the outside (i now have decided never to tape the outside again b/c the resin NEVER dried when it was on thre tape, it was always sticky)

then i glasses the inside (glued the peices to the inside on the helmet)
before resin on glass

after resin on glass

then i primed the outside and inside

then this is after much bondo and alot of sanding





im gonna finish it soon and gonna put some leds in!!



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Looking good so far, probably not a good idea to tape it though on the outside, I found that just plain old Elmer's All Purpose Glue works the best, just for future reference. Also, smart idea using glue to set the fiberglass in place before adding the resin, I'll have to give that a shot on my second one. Have fun with the bondo and sanding, keep us updated!


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I must admit, I was skeptical about how it would turn out after seeing that you did it with tape, but the sanding looks great on it


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TwitchFMX8811 said:
Best glue in the world. Dries in 5-15 seconds and wont come undone unless it tears.
im thinkin of usin my glue gun on my next piece...i think that will work better but i hate it when it gets on ur skin and u got a big ol' blister on ur hand :p :p

update- i got more bondo on the front and im prooly gonna put em up 2marrow
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Best glue in the world. Dries in 5-15 seconds and wont come undone unless it tears.
yeah ive used that stuff, its sick, but watch one time i got it all over my fingers, and it dont come of easily
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