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Spartan 086

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Hey guys. I've been working on my armor for a month now, but it still isnt complete. I want to wear it tomorrow for halloween, but i dont have enough time to finish everything. All the pieces have 2 layers of fiberglass on it, but none have fiberglass cloth in it or bondo. I simply do not have enough time to finish it completely. Im going to spray paint it tomorrow morning, and finish up the strapping in the afternoon in time for halloween, but i was wondering is the inside coat totally necessary? I plan on finishing it after halloween, but i need to know if i can wear it without the inside.

Also, is there any good looking alternative to an HJC visor? Im not sure i can a proper one in time...

dont u mean warp??? and who cares the fiber glass on inside isnt needed i dont have on mine and it works fine
Yeah....the inside coat is purely for structural can wear it as is, but just be careful.

Later after Holloween, yeah....finish it. Better than watching your work go down the drain when something cracks it.
Right now it has the durability of....hmmm.... thin pottery clay. Enough to look and act hard, but will break under major impact.
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