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Hey everyone, I’ve been away for sometime. Haven’t been real active on the forums much either, except for the occasional drop in and a few like buttons.I’m liking what I’m seeing with everyone’s builds! And the whole discord thing I keep seeing is right over my head. I hopped on once and couldn’t keep up.

So the reasoning behind this thread is.....well.....I’ve been doing most of my builds for the kids and whatnot. Now that I’ve completed one and almost the other. The kids have totally outgrown them and Halo is no longer “cool” to a teenager nowadays. So damn it, I want to have something new and shiny and Halo for myself. Plus, I really never came across one of these quite like this, when I was researching references.

So I’m going to post a little teaser video of this new shiny toy for folks to guess. Kind of like what Dirtdives2424 did with his armor. It’s not finished yet so bare that in mind. Plus I’m not building this either. It’s a gift from my brother and his newest hobby adventure. I’m just kind of coaching (lol). So your all welcome to guess. I’m sure your all big enough Halo fans to nail it right off the bat. Once everyone ponders on it a bit. I’ll be posting some more progress photos and then the finished piece once it’s in my hands. So thanks for checking it out. And without further ado........the vid

(ps. Sorry for the poor commentary, I’m not much of a public speaker. Got a long way to go to become one of those fancy YouTubers)

HALO - Chief Needs A Weapon. Think You Can Guess What It Is?
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