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Arlright, I am VERY new to all this...and frankly it's blowing my mind how some make these helmets out of cardboard and make them look almost real :shock:

I am looking for the best/fastest/easiest/cheapest way to make a Spartan Helmet.

I need to make 2 of these helmets as soon as possible *one pink, one metalic blue/black*. I am going to use them for a video I've been wanting to make forever now.

I was looking at that Pepakura Desinger thing and it looks like I will go nuts trying to cut all that out.

I know how to do painting easily, I just need a very quick tut on how to make the helmets.

The reason I want to do this so quick is because if a project goes on longer than a month, I tend to get very mad, throw said project against a wall, and take my anger out on every breakable object close to me.

Do I need anger management? Very. Have I tried it? Yes. Did it work? No...

Anyway I'll STFU now

Much Love
Rushing through it wont make it any easier. The fact of the matter is that these things take much longer than a month to make. A helmet in itself will probably take you only a couple weeks though, from construction to painting. pepakura isnt that bad or time consuming, just tedious.

If it is just a helmet (even 2), it shouldn't be too hard to get them done in under a month.
Just remember to use Card Stock, and not normal paper. Card Stock will keep it stiffer and make it easier to reinforce later.
Card Stock is easier to cut, but cardboard is sturdier. Just be sure that if you use cardboard, cut off the tabs.
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