My suit [DONE!!] (Pics near bottom on pg 2)

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My apologies for not resizing the images. They are in all thier full glory though :)

And so I start the helmet on Monday afternoon. A long day this will be...

Between lots of schooling and work, I managed to get this done by wed. afternoon. I was impressed with how well it came out :)






And work has begun on my back/chest plate. I hope to have it done by tonight.

Pictures will come semi-slow. I plan on fiberglassing everything I get finished this weekend while at my grandparents. They have a larger yard and garage, so fiberglassing it there will make much more sense :)

More to come!

Just pictures. All pictures below are for quick reference. They are explained later in the thread.
Noob here. Is there any particular way this "puzzle" should be started?

I have my MC sheets printed on 65lb card stock
I have traced the mountains/ valleys in Blue/ Red respectively to score the folds
I have all the parts cut out

Do I start with any particular piece or just pick up a piece from the pile and get at it?

BTW - Your helmet looks great thus far!

Thanks for any input you can provide.
On the helmets I made I started at the visor, and worked towards the top, then the sides, then jaw, then back, and leave the neck for last.

Looks really good though, good luck with the rest :D
I actually start where ever and go from there. Of course, I left the visor for last and it got really tricky :)

Same with the back/chest. I start it where ever and go from there. Of course, I do connect the same piece before I connect piece to piece though :)

BTW, I know you already printed it out, but I really recommend 110lb cardstock. It's much stronger and can stand the fiberglassing/resining better.
On my thing i stared form the visor also because then you know whrere you are and it seem to piece together more quickly lol
Low temp hot glue. 2 bucks for a small glue gun, 4 bucks for a large one. I got the large one.

Again, does it look scaled correctly so far?


1st coat of resin on the helmet and the chest/back piece now. Putting 2nd and 3rd coat on tomorrow :)
Sorry for the double post, but it's worth it. Why?

More pictures!

My new shoulder piece I've been talking about. Only in pepakura form. Resining it soon.


Chest/Back Piece (Half-resined only)[/img]

Helmet: Fully resined, 85% fiberglassed. Almost done with the helmet! 75% done overall on it



Of course... cant forget about my working area :)


Comments? Suggestions? I'm more than willing to take tips from people who have fiberglassed before :p

Nonetheless, this project is going along great so far
Nice work..

I love seeing this stuff. Makes me glad I mentioned pepakura to you guys..:)
I am 6ft exactly. That's 71 inches, so I scaled mine to 72 inches... that leaves me with an inch to work with between clothing and fiberglass. Plenty of room if you ask me smile.gif

On another note, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 slowed me down. I finished it the day it came out, but following it... i decided to play games for a few days :p

Anyways, I'm back on track now. I got everything from the crotch up and the left thigh done. I plan on doing the right thigh tomorrow, and hopefully both shins. After that, the boot parts, and I will begin resining all the pieces and then fiberglassing. The resin/fiberglassing should take me about 2-3 days to do.

Pics when I assemble the remaining 5 pieces :)
Sorry for the double post, but I got several pieces done. I'm just waiting on the Metal Glaze to come in now so I can finish my helmet. The codpiece and chest piece are all that needs to be done now.

Various parts of the armor. I have the other arm piece done, but I need to trim it down a bit more. I've put it on and off so much, with it being tight, that it's beginning to hurt my hands. Still fits tho.


The helmet itself. Still needs a few patch ups, but it's pretty much ready for the glaze that Spase used. (THANKS Spase!!)



Many of you wonder what the inside of the helmets look like. Well.. here you go!


I have the shins and stuff done too, but no pics of them yet.
looks great but i think you have the upper arm peices on the wrong arms. they should fit better switchd around.
the arms look right to me, but the helmet seems a bit large.

How did you get the fiberglass on so smoothly? Spray adhesive?
looks great but i think you have the upper arm peices on the wrong arms. they should fit better switchd around.

They are on right. I labeled them as I made them.

How did you get the fiberglass on so smoothly? Spray adhesive?
Nope. I used my paintbrush in a jabbing motion to "poke" the fiberglass in place. I just sanded the outside resin.

hii im new here and are you guys just using normal printing A4paper or a thicker printing paper?
I use 110lb cardstock. I resize the pepakura from there and combine/dislocate pieces as i need to.
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