My take on the Needler

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Hey, I just completed a Needler I started to pep last year in my breaks at work and now its the fun part :)

here is the beast ;) actually I scale it down a bit 20% I'm not a real 7 foot tall Spartan.

Resin on the ext

On the int it didn't cure right so I had to help it a bit, did some hole for venting put some air inside and heath lights.

After Rondo the inside and Fill it up with urethane foam

And some ruff sanding to remove sharp edges

There's still a lot of work to be done, I'm planning to do a 3 parts mold of it, the top part will be removable to acccess the electronic/Leds and the rest of the gun in two half's.

More in the weeks to come.


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WOW! I want that! Hahaha, needler was my favorite gun, so wasteful but so fun...

It looks amazing so far! Good luck on the remainder work!


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@ Katsu: my fav gun to, especially in Firefight

@ BSlapNinja87: it is small but very well detail

@ DrummerD00d717: epic in deed if all goes according to plan :)

Thx Hyper and UNSC LT

@ dega666: I will build a tall one 8" in Bondo, do a silicon mold of it, then poor some clear casting resin, once its cure and remove from the mold cut at the various lengths needed and stick it on the "cover" of the needler.

Road Kill

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freakin awesome, this is the secong needler i have ever seen =D where did you get the file?
well keep up the great work and can't wait to see the finished needler :)


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Small update on the needler, I got the ronded shape done on the top and bottom.

And primed to make it easier to see where it need more work.

the next step is detailling to match this pic

I've done a needle model out of bondo, a rubber mold on it and a test piece with easyflow liquid plastic.

It came out great :) now I need to find a clear casting plastic that can be tinted pink, and build 3/16 walls, to reduce the weight and get the lights(maybe elwire) inside the needles.

Anybody got some suggestions ?


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Maybe you could make the needles out of some less opaque material and have them lit up with red/pink LED lights by casting them in it.


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This should be great man! I don't think anyone has made a accurate Needler before ! I love seeing Covenant weapons!


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Thanks @ ZeroPrime, SeniorRawr and JBetts97 for your nice comments

"Maybe you could make the needles out of some less opaque material and have them lit up with red/pink LED lights by casting them in it."

@ Toacrabman: yeah thats the plan, as I said 5 post earlier ;) it was a test piece will looking for a clear casting plastic.

The build is on hold for now I'm working on my Gravity Hammer :cool

p bro

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Awesome, you've got the shape of the needles perfect, other builds I've seen make them too big and crystal-like or too thin and spiny but you've nailed it.
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