N7 Mass Effect Armor Build in Summer 2019

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    Yep, the title basically says it all. My POSSIBLE. Note: POSSIBLE next up coming Project. After about 7 years of ``inactivity`` it has finally time to see an opportunity to make the legendary N7 Armor. It will probably be a foam build, but let´s see. Yes, I know there are dozents of ´em out there already, but this is gonna be MY very first and only one. :)

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    #Shepard Armor
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    if I may make a suggestion, are you hard set on the N7? if its the only one then I would love to see you go all out and do something along these......
    . blood-dragon-armor-cosplay-from-mass-effect-3-at-denver-comic-con-2015.jpg
    and I cant find one that someone has done but this too
    or the infamous Cerberus is always a favorite to me,
    or even the N7 variants from ME3's multiplayer.

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