Need advice on a large pepakura "helmet/mask" (Hornet from Hollow knight)

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    So the 405th just kept popping up when I was googling around for guides and info on how to best go apart making my Hollow Knight masks, so rather than waste another hour scouring the internet, I figure I should just ask you guys directly. Here is my problem.

    I made a 3d approximation of the character Hornets head from the game Hollow Knight

    hornet reference.jpg

    This is what I came out with after everything was modeled, unfolded, cut and glued..


    Right now, I have a mostly complete mask of the Hollow Knight character done, that I reinforced using papier mache and paper clay.


    Looking at this massive Hornet mask though, I feel the paper mache+paper clay is going to not be strong enough, and is going to end up way way too heavy, after I fill the imperfection etc, especially with those long * hollow horns.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? Should I use some sort of resin? Should I just go with the papier mache and clay? Should I cut the horns off, and reinforce them separately, then reattach them, and possibly add some sort of solid skeleton to the inside of them? I would like it to be on the more durable side, but I want whatever is going to make it light enough so that it doesn't break your neck when wearing it.

    Any and all suggestions are incredibly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Do you have those patterns? Would love to make the costumes myself but I'm no good at pepakura
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    Well, I know I'm a little biased, but eva foam can defiantly work for this. I'm sure this could be peped. I didn't know how far you want to take this or your budget but a slush cast would work As Well.

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