Need Gears Of War Reference Pics


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Hey guys.

I'm tasked to build the shins from the game Gears Of War. Now, I myself haven't played the game(please don't kill me!), but does it looks like a jolly good game to play.

I know some of you are building COG suits and I was hoping some of you may be kind enough to share pics of the shin pieces with me.

I prefer game screenshots over the NAS suits(no offense to them or anything. The COG suits they made are badass!)

Please post the link(s) to any pics that clearly show the shins from the front, side, and rear or better yet, just post the pics here.

I would Greatly appreciate it!



hey mate =D this was really the only pic i could find of the shins, out of the 4 only 3 are wearing the same shins, the other COG soldier is wearing the base COG soldier armor minus the helmet i hope this helps mate =D