need help battlefield 2142!! :(

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ok i imstalled it [tried on both my labtop and computer] [right now its on computer] i registered on i did on that installed one with 2142 l:-l but its not starting up! this is what happens: I click the icon, the logo shows up, then it disapears, then a black screen shows up. then disapears, then nothing!!. :( what should i do?
Don't know. Usually I have that problem with older games that won't run on my laptop. AvP gold, Mechwarrior 1 and 2, Heavy Gear, etc.

Does the task manager still say that the process is running?
had that same problem with the movies, it worked but only after my hard drive had to get wiped, something may be stopping the process like blockers, or you may need to update stuff on your comp through downloadable software
BF2 is so good. Did anyone else check out that Halo mod for BF2, called BF2142? it looks pretty awesome... I hope it doesnt go the same way as Halogen (RIP)
smilie120 said:
I KNOW! buy bf2 and play me!
lol well i dont think i have enough money i got $40 but im not gonna get it still. i mostly just need more memory space apperently. aand a graphics card >.<
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done it. the problem is no card. we're getting my cousin to come over thursday to fix it. so i'll be able to play maybe :D
but i still am gonna need to buy the card... $128.48 o_O
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