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I got a last Christmas wish from my big brother and im trying to decide whats better to get

The new Nokia N810 Tablet

or a new laptop

I know it matters what kind of laptop it is and I know that but if I was to get that laptop I would want to find one that is about the same price as the Tablet which is I think $480.00 and I want it to run well.

If you guys could post some links or types of laptops that are around the price range and that runs well and if you guys would give me some suggestions it would help me decide.

And if you guys can give me some pros and cons about the two.


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Office depot last week for 450 had a amd x2 laptop, 1gig of ram, 160gig HDD, 15.4 inch bright view lcd.

Good price for what you get. It would be a mini gaming laptop for older games or some recent ones (with graphics on low)

But if thats off the range of notebooks he's looking for, then maybe you should stick with your original idea.


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I'm impressed by that phone you linked (it actually reads flash, unlike the Iphone). It's linux based and the display is 800x480 which is pretty darn good for a hand held device

From Ars Technica Review:
The Mozilla "MicroB" rendering engine instead of Opera 8. The new rendering engine is built with Gecko 1.9, which is the same HTML renderer used in Firefox 3. Gecko brings much better AJAX support to the N810 and is compatible with more elaborate web services like Meebo, Google Maps, and Netvibes. The new browser also has better built-in support for RSS integration. The new browser takes slightly longer to start up and isn't quite as fast in some cases, but the superior quality of the HTML rendering with the new engine more than makes up for the very minor loss in performance.

The new browser also has full support for Flash 9, whereas the previous version only had support for Flash 7. I tested several kinds of Flash content and was relatively impressed with the performance. YouTube movies are watchable but still occasionally a little bit jerky.

The Good:

* Support for mainstream commercial software like Skype and Rhapsody
* Interface improvements bring increased usability to the operating system
* The open software platform facilitates a rich third-party software ecosystem
* A terminal application and access to a real command line
* Robust support for Python scripting, which enables programming on the device itself
* The excellent screen has respectable resolution for a handheld device
* Adequate audio and video playback capabilities
* A smaller form factor that makes the device pocket-friendly
* The hardware thumb keyboard beats the old onscreen keyboard
* Outstanding web browsing experience with good support for AJAX and Flash 9

The Bad:

* Doesn't ship with a complete PIM suite or any calendaring software
* Built-in instant messaging client only supports Jabber
* The mail program that ships with the device still has performance problems
* Secondary internal memory is not upgradeable like it was on the N800
* External memory card uses MiniSD rather than standard SD
* The thumb keyboard is a bit mushy and leads to lots of typing errors
* Skype still doesn't support video chat on the N810
* The browser's zoom feature is somewhat weak

The Ugly:

* Having to pay $130 to get basic navigation support for the built-in GPS

Hmm for the money you can get some pretty nice laptops though I must say. I guess it depends if you're looking for a small tablet to view the web and listen to music on or if you want a complete but slightly more cumbersome system to play and work with.
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A tablet laptop is good for business and art, otherwise for games and surfing the internet, they are over priced, a laptop half the price can have the same specs, and a larger screen if you want it for surfing the intertubes. But like I said, if he wants a tablet for whatever he needs one for, that maybe you should look for one, but if he just wants a small portable laptop for web surfing, go with a normal laptop.


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A tablet has a touch screen, and a pop out pen for you to use with it, you can draw, many graphic artist will purchase these because they are handy to draw and create their art on the computer, rather than pen and pencil.


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Well im only 13 so I'm not really in business lol
But I do like art and I do draw a lot but isn't it difficult writing on a touch screen with a stylus.
I just want something where I can like look up stuff for school and do work for school.


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Then what you need is a cheap laptop for 400-500 dollars. You dont need any fancy tablet, also, if you wont be taking it anywhere, I'd buy a PC tower, they have double the power, for the same price as a laptop.
the dell vorstros are great computers for the money, for like 500 bucks you get a vista laptop machine, and hell any pc running vista is a champ......


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In the past dealing with dying brand new dell lcd's and customer issue troubles, I dont recommend dell.

I own several PC's in my house 3 are custom made, and the other 4 are HP's never had any problem with them, one HP is also very old, and it still runs like new and very fast.


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Building your computer is ALOT cheaper, but considering you are only 13 years old, I would highly suggest against it, I currently own an HP lappy, it costed me 1,000 dollars, but it has 2 GB of Ram and geforce 8400GS, Vista premium, 160 GB HD, and alot of other cool stuff
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