need help on fiberglassing tight spots

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i have both fiber mat and cloth, and im hearing that i should use cloth for the first layer (im glassing the INSIDE) and mat the next.

but, how do i get the strips in there right? especially for the helmet. tight spots seem like they're gona take up time and solidify my resin while im trying to get it in there.

i resined my helmet today, and it wasnt too fun. the gloves stick to it a lot, and stick to themselves too. how am i going to do tight spots (like the inside of the brim of the helmet???)

push it in there with my fingers? i see that as a last resort. shove it in wiht a brush? i can't exactly see in there.

help would be much appreciated.
Trying to get sticky fiberglass into a 3/4" space was not my idea of a fun afternoon, so I used expanding foam for the bill. Be careful that you don't use too much (it keeps expanding for quite a while after you're done spraying). I did and ended up having to rip off chucks of it with a pair of pliers (after a too-hard push with knife pierced the top of my helmet).
I can tell you that.. I hate fiberglassing.. Using the mat is a total nightmare.. I think I made more of a mess with all those fibers breaking apart and sticking everywhere.. I'm so far in it, can't quit now.. :mad: Reading about using the cloth sounds like a better idea..
maybe i'll do what that other guy is doing, and glaze the outside to make it look smooth instead of SANDING the edges away. because
sanding takes away from details
and if i glaze, i won't have to be super careful to prefectly glass every corner! that would be an absolute nightmare for the helmet.
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