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Hey hope im in the right section for this ^^

So yeah basically speaking, I wanna make some Glasses for me and 2 other Members with the 405 European Emblem engraved in them.
But i:
1. I dont have the emblem of the 405 European Regiment. Who could help me with that?
I also would need it either as PNG with transparent backround
as JPG with white background. Best resulsts would be achieved when the emblem would just be black lines.

2. I dont know wich Person i have to ask for Permission to even be allowed to use the Emblem.
I would appreciate any help i could get.

Thanks in advance for taking your time reading this.


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RogueCheney132 please begin this conversation with your Regiment Commander. We typically like to ensure those members doing things with Regiment logos meet minimum Regiment membership requirements. You have met the 90 day threshold but are missing the minimum 50 ppst requirement and have yet to be added to a regiment.
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Hein B287

Sorry to butt in here. I would love to have one of those. But how about a metal cup? That way you could bring your own (safely) to cons and such


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